Serving Up

Serving Up

Lakewood Church Pastor John “Johnny” McGowan encourages you to embrace your “second in command” position so you can achieve the honor and purpose of SERVING UP.

Pastor Johnny McGowan has been SERVING UP for many years, first as the aide to Lakewood founder John Osteen, and now to Lakewood lead pastor Joel Osteen. Throughout his experience, Pastor Johnny has embraced his role of service, being strongly compelled that God wanted him right where he was: part of a movement that was larger than himself. He learned to truly rise in his supporting role and has flourished with purpose as a result.

Now, Pastor Johnny shares his wisdom in SERVING UP. Incorporating personal insights and biblical stories of those in the “second in command” position, and how God has used them for a larger purpose, this book will guide you in serving with integrity, passion, and instinct for success. Through service you can achieving a life that is favored by God. By joyfully approaching your current position–instead of relentlessly seeking a better position–and stepping aside to let God open the right doors for you, you will see the divine value and glory of SERVING UP.

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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Life / Personal Growth

On Sale: August 7th 2018

Price: $12.99

Page Count: 240

ISBN-13: 9781546010043

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