Big Dating Energy

How to Create Lasting Love by Tapping Into Your Authentic Self

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By Jeff Guenther

By Kate Happ

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Eight Rules of Love by Jay Shetty meets Tinx's The Shift for making modern relationships work for you, from a licensed professional therapist with two decades of experience and nearly 4 million followers on social media as @therapyjeff 

Dating these days is hard, and no one understands that more than licensed therapist Jeff Guenther. Whether you’re looking for marriage or just a fling, exploring your sexuality or discovering your attachment style, or just trying to figure out which app is most worth your time, Jeff meets you exactly where you are; it’s no surprise that millions of viewers have found comfort in his posts. With humor, empathy, and an acknowledgment of the obstacles to finding healthy relationships, he has become the dating whisperer for the social media age.
Dating in the super-online, post-covid world is not for the weak, and people are confused and looking for guidance. In the vein of Unf*ck YourselfThe Love Prescription and How to Not Die AloneBig Dating Energy is a funny, modern self-help title that tackles the opaque world of dating, empowering the reader with straight talk and an emphasis on authenticity.

Covering everything from first dates to red flags, ideal partner checklists to knowing when and how to end things, and even an exploration of the people and things you can blame for why your dating life hasn’t worked out so far, Big Dating Energy harnesses the charm and easy-to-use advice that nearly 4 million followers come to the @therapyjeff platform for daily. It will set you up to not only succeed at dating, but maybe even enjoy it along the way.

  • "Raw, empowering, and refreshingly honest, Big Dating Energy will teach you to embrace you full self and date with confidence. With his signature no-nonsense, deeply compassionate style, Jeff offers practical tips and unwavering support to help you navigate the dating scene - and have fun while doing it."
    Logan Ury, author of How to Not Die Alone

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Jeff Guenther

Jeff Guenther

About the Author

Jeff Guenther is a licensed professional therapist with twenty years of experience in private practice. He’s helped thousands of couples and individuals overcome romantic obstacles and go on to thrive in relationships. He is the creator of the TherapyJeff account, hosts the “Big Dating Energy” podcast, and co-hosts the “This Changes Everything” podcast. He has been interviewed for NPR, Time, CNNRolling Stone, Business Insider, Morning Brew and Slate, among others, and his content has been promoted by outlets like Daily Mail, New York Post, Buzzfeed, BoingBoing, and Yahoo.

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