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The Summon Stone

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Regular Price $16.99

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May 17, 2016

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A new epic fantasy series begins in the world of his million-copy-selling Three Worlds Cycle.

The Merdrun, cruel warriors blooded by thousands of years of slaughter, are gather in the void between the worlds.

Their summon stone is waking, corrupting good people as well as bad, and turning arcane places into magically polluted wastelands. If it is not destroyed it will create a portal and call this marauding army out of exile.

Sulien, a nine-year-old girl endowed with untold gifts, sees the Merdrun leader in a nightmare — and he sees her.

Karan and Llian must stop the greatest warrior in the void, to save their daughter and their world.

What's Inside

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"Irvine can now consider himself comfortably ranked next to the works of Robert Jordan and David Eddings."—SFX
"Irvine plunges into action, with a commendable sense of high stakes and danger."—SFX on The Summon Stone
"A stunning start to an epic fantasy that should become a dark jewel in the genre... Highly recommended."—SF Revu on Vengeance
"Irvine... is a veteran storyteller who excels in sustaining complex plots with well-rounded characters. Here, he delivers a compelling tale of vengeance, loyalty, and the search for a place in the world."—Library Journal (Starred Review) on Vengeance
"In a world full of epic fantasy clones, this stands out as a world-building labor of love."—Locus on The View From the Mirror Quartet
"Irvine is truly a master of his craft."—RT Book Reviews on Justice
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The Gates of Good and Evil