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We're Speaking

The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris: How to Use Your Voice, Be Assertive, and Own Your Story

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“A must-read” (Eve Rodsky​), We’re Speaking provides inspirational lessons about life, work, and overcoming adversity—drawn from Kamala Harris's norm-shattering ascent to Vice President of the United States.​

Kamala Harris is one of our country's most awe-inspiring political figures, dawning on a new age as the first—but not last—Black and Asian-American female Vice President. Having spent her entire career smashing glass ceilings and influencing the next generation of young women, Harris has completely redefined what it means to be a woman in politics.

In We’re Speaking, Palepu connects illuminating stories from Harris’ unique biography with tactical advice that will teach you to :

  • Own the power of your multitudes
  • Act on and embrace your ambition
  • Develop your unique voice and style
  • Find your North Star to guide your decisions

Best of all, We're Speaking will leave you feeling empowered to follow in Harris's footsteps — shattering glass ceilings of your own as you live the life of your dreams!

What's Inside

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“Authoritative and authentic, We’re Speaking is equal parts biography and self-help guide, a compilation of the valuable lessons we can learn from Kamala Harris’s history-making rise. But what makes it sing are Palepu’s own insights gleaned from her impressive and unique trajectory, shared candidly with humor and heart. This is the book you want as you find your voice.”—Elizabeth Holmes, author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style
"We're Speaking contextualizes Kamala Harris' life as a road map for women's careers, ambitions and identity. It is a must read for everyone who aims to go beyond what society tells them is possible. Palepu lays the groundwork for future leaders like no one else can."—Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play
"Through the lens of Kamala Harris‘s extraordinary rise to Vice President of the United States in a country where power is still held by a traditional white patriarchy,  author and entrepreneur Hitha Palepu, provides readers with an extraordinary roadmap filled with brilliant insight on not only how to articulate their professional goals but showcases all the tools necessary to both achieve them as well as find their individual power and voice. An absolute and inspiring read for anyone from a college graduate to a company founder"—Susan McPherson, author of The Lost Art of Connecting
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