The Audacity to Be Queen

The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life


By Gina Devee

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In every woman lives a Queen who is confident, poised, and clear on her calling. She is bold and unapologetic. Drawing from her spiritual connection and feminine nature, she accesses the power to manifest her desires and fulfill her purpose. The era of invisible women is over. Your time to be Queen has arrived. In The Audacity to Be Queen, women’s empowerment and success coach Gina DeVee invites modern-day women to embrace the endless possibilities that are rightfully ours. Permission granted to take ourselves off the back burner financially, romantically, physically, and socially-and step into our greatness. The days of dismissing ourselves and our desires end here. No longer must we pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable, and fabulous. The world needs women like us to own our power, raise our standards, and contribute our talents like never before. When a woman chooses to be a Queen, everyone benefits. With spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom, and lifechanging stories of unexpected triumph, The Audacity to BeQueen takes you on a journey to empower the Queen within. Gina DeVee shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers, and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self-sabotage so you can discover the best version of you. Only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your calling, and in this pivotal moment, time is of the essence. The age of the Queen is now.


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In every woman lives a Queen. She is smart, feminine, powerful, spiritual, generous, visible, prosperous, and usually has a great sense of humor. Though she has, enjoys, and requires great material wealth, she doesn’t bow to it, nor does she lord it over others. Instead, she lives a life worthy of her calling.

Being Queen is about becoming the best version of yourself. A Queen never denies her ability or her worth. She is confident. She doesn’t settle for crumbs or scrape by on the bare minimum. She makes excellent decisions quickly and easily. Her boundaries are intact and she’s appropriately mindful of the boundaries of others. She doesn’t ask for permission, she gives it to herself, in spades. Most importantly, at the center of a Queen’s life is her spiritual connection. A Queen’s true power comes from her divine source. That’s why a Queen never fails to prioritize her time with Spirit and time with herself.

Sadly, most women have become too familiar with putting ourselves last, resulting in a half-lived life versus fulfilling our glorious potential. We’re expected to play the part of the perfect employee, wife, mother, daughter, boss—and all while looking camera-ready. When is there time to do what we want when we’re constantly tending to the needs of everyone around us? Our true potential doesn’t have a chance to become manifested when unending amounts of work, dismal bank accounts, other people’s expectations, crushing stress, and our own limited beliefs of what we deserve have us trapped in life’s straitjacket. Throw in a few wrecking-ball hits to our confidence along the way, and it’s tempting to believe we’re going to stay exactly where we are, forever.

What’s happened is that women have been taught to strive for success the masculine way, being overly responsible and pitifully reasonable, working all the time, thinking that big results only come from doing rather than being, and looking more into spreadsheets than into our hearts. In the process, we’ve given up too much of ourselves and our natural feminine instincts, so that we end up never experiencing true success including the quality of life we crave. The result is that everyone suffers. I’ve seen it in myself, my friends, and my clients. If we’re not aware, we can get stuck in a soul-sucking approach to life: hustling through our 9-to-5 (whether from a back cubicle or a corner office), wondering why we don’t have more interesting and supportive friends, still feel burdened financially, continue to live in the same apartment we’ve complained about for years, or haven’t found the time or money for the eighth year in a row to cross St. Barths off our bucket list.

Speaking of chronic patterns, at the beginning of my journey, I noticed that my friends who were consciously in their feminine energy—women who prioritized their spiritual connection, lived for new moon circles, and wore flowy outfits with wings—were always broke. Simultaneously, I was pained to watch my smart, financially successful girlfriends blow out their adrenals as they worked twelve-hour days, playing by all the boys’ club rules to prove themselves, and inevitably being seen by the world as lonely, hardened, or even “undateable.” I didn’t want to be part of either camp. So my internal question became, how can a woman be feminine while she is loved and enjoys life, and masculine while she creates wealth while accomplishing amazing results in her career?

Thankfully the solution is sexy and simple: Awaken the Queen within. Queenhood is an empowered approach to life that is a masterful blend of masculinity and femininity. The time has come for women to stop being the ones who disempower ourselves by unconsciously behaving as the Money Slave Girl, the Martyr, the Bitch, or the Princess. These are just a few of the archetypes stealing the crown that you’ll meet throughout this book. Those personas don’t lead to our fulfilled lives. Fortunately, when given permission, the Queen within is more than capable of reclaiming her throne.

The knowledge that I had the ability to be Queen in my life first appeared in my late twenties, when I read the true story of Queen Esther of Persia (Chapter 4) and finally understood what it meant for modern-day women to be Queen. Before that moment, I had read Bible stories as if they were only about other people: grand, exceptional heroes with miraculous powers like parting the Red Sea and surviving being swallowed by whales. I never saw stories like Esther’s as my own.

Fortunately, that year, my spiritual understanding had grown. Marianne Williamson, the renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author, had recently moved to my town. As a by-product of attending her lectures, I started to see these stories symbolically, metaphysically, and archetypically and discovered how to apply their wisdom to my own life. Through this new lens, I gathered some exceptional takeaways that changed my life immediately.

I became obsessed with studying all things Queen, devouring every relevant text on psychology and mythology, and signing up for every spiritual seminar within a hundred-mile radius. More illuminating than any one teaching was the process of putting all these lessons into practice. The more I deepened my femininity (I first had to unlearn and relearn what I thought it even was) and integrated spirituality into every part of my life, the more I experienced long-lasting transformation in all areas.

I started to realize that my desires are real and worthy of manifestation. Whereas previously I judged them as selfish or wrong, or only allowed them to surface in small doses if there was enough time or money left over, I now knew they were part of me and here to guide me to fulfill my purpose.

I started trusting and saying yes to my desires more and more. I said yes to having my gifts and talents used to positively impact the lives of others. I said yes to being visible as an industry leader. I said yes to marrying my soul mate. I also said yes to hiring a housekeeper for the first time in my adult life. I started saying yes to speaking on stages and later said yes to moving into my dream home in Malibu. And almost miraculously, after making the decision and taking the right actions, resources and opportunities showed up, and this elevated level of career, love, and lifestyle became my new normal. I also said yes to private travel, though sadly that one hasn’t happened yet (#transportationgoals).

When I was a struggling life coach desperate to find my next client, I was denying my desires. I wasn’t thriving, nor was I contributing to the lives of others at the level of my potential. Claiming my real power and Queenhood has turned all that around for me. It turned my startup into what is now Divine Living, a global, multimillion-dollar company dedicated to providing women’s empowerment, personal development, and business trainings so women and their families can live in financial, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle abundance. It has allowed me to give back and contribute to causes I care about as well as fulfill my dream of international travel and working globally. All of this has modeled to the women in my programs, who share these aspirations, what is possible for them.

Though it’s meant for every woman, not everyone sees Queenhood as possible for themselves. Throughout the years, I’ve heard it all. “Who do you think you are?” Some are triggered by my personal choices. “How can you travel the world and work from anywhere?” “How can you charge that much?” “How can you take time off and shop like that? You’re wasting your money. You need to save for a house. Aren’t you worried about your retirement account? Shouldn’t you be donating more to charity?”

In my commitment to studying what it means for us all to be Queen, I realized these women weren’t asking the right questions. They were just judging my audacity to be the Queen of my life.

I understand why. Too many women have been shamed for merely admitting they know they are meant for something more and they want the best for themselves and their families. We’ve been told that our appreciation for the larger life makes us shallow, selfish, or irresponsible, and we’ve been instructed to squelch our dreams, work in jobs we don’t enjoy, remain in loveless marriages, and save our latte money.

The truth is, most driven people have high-vibrational desires, and for a reason. What criticizers often fail to get is that although Queenhood includes a decidedly fabulous lifestyle, it’s ultimately about a woman making her contribution in the world at the highest level.

If I had continued doing only what people deemed acceptable and sensible, my epic life, the one that has me waking up most mornings thrilled to be living out my true purpose, would have never happened. I had to stop giving power to other people’s judgments and focus more on my contribution and my spiritual connection. Through prayer, meditation, reading, journaling, and working with mentors, I opened up to what I desired. I stopped asking for permission and started giving it to myself. It was liberating and it worked. I became Queen of my life.


Everyone from my friends and family to social media followers and clients are constantly asking me: What does it mean to be Queen? How can I be more feminine? How would a Queen handle this situation? How can I communicate to my beloved so that I’m heard? How do I know that’s my Queenly intuition speaking? When do I set powerful boundaries?

I had these same questions, and after almost two decades of searching within, studying countless outside resources, working with thousands of women, and putting my learnings into practice, it’s my great honor to bring together this compendium of Queenly wisdom that has worked miracles for me and my community, as well as women around the world.

The royal road is not an ordinary one, and that is music to our ears. Because we aren’t ordinary. It’s our great privilege at this time on the planet to be the generation of women who have been called to be Queen. This way of life is not for the faint of heart. Yet time’s up for thinking someone else is meant to make the money, speak up, be on TV, own the company, or lead the nation. Time is of the essence, as the Age of Queen is now.

In becoming Queen, we take ourselves off the back burner: financially, romantically, physically, politically, and socially. This new empowered and feminine approach to life will lead us to knowing that we can be spiritually guided, create our legacy, and have a divine lifestyle. By giving our desires attention, we’ll harness our natural talents and our connection with the Universe. By using our intuition to work smarter (not harder), we’ll manifest the success that is meant for us individually and collectively.

Becoming Queen is about developing the fierceness to change our relationship with what’s possible, having the power to see things not as they are but as they could be, and cultivating the audacity to say no to the status quo. It’s unapologetically shifting into much bigger thinking that guides us to go on an adventure through India, launch that dream project, sign up for open mic night, run for office, volunteer for a meaningful cause, or finally reactivate that online dating profile. Stepping into this visionary mindset permanently changes how we all see what’s meant for our lives, the world, and women’s role in it. When a woman chooses to be Queen, everyone benefits.

If you’re questioning whether you’ve got what it takes, I promise that you do. There is no such thing as a weak woman. If you just graduated from college and are looking for more than an entry-level job, if you’re a business owner who’s exhausted because your entrepreneurial dream turned into a nightmare, if you’ve got a 9-to-5 but fantasize about being your own boss, if you’re an assistant and ready to do more, if you’re in entertainment and longing for your big break, if you’re a mom who needs more than discussing who’s the best SAT tutor in town, if you just sent your youngest to college and refuse to spend your days watching Judge Judy from your La-Z-Boy, if you’re killing it in corporate but fear spending New Year’s Eve alone, or if you just retired and can’t stand the thought of water aerobics, this book is for you.

Queenhood is the opportunity for modern women to embrace what is rightfully ours. To tap into the endless possibilities available to us, to own the true impact we are capable of, and to be completely confident claiming our most fabulous lives. Once you access the Queen within, everything in your life opens up.

Looking for clarity on your life purpose? Check. Confidence? Check. Ability to create wealth without burnout? Check. Self-worth to allow deep, committed romance? Check. Trustworthy intuition? Divine Guidance at your fingertips? A career based on passion? A life full of pleasure? Check, check, check, and check! Femininity never looked so good.

By the time you’ve finished reading this book, all your fears and excuses will be unraveled. In their place, you’ll find someone to kiss when the ball drops, confidence that you do have what it takes, certainty in your spiritual connection, and the ability to cross St. Barths off your bucket list. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in life or feel like you’ve lived nine of them. You are so much more powerful than you think you are.



Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, I didn’t know any celebrities, and possibly just like you, I knew I wanted to be one. Similar to so many naturally enthusiastic little girls, I never shied away from the spotlight. I danced in ballet recitals, performed in all the school plays, and was wickedly talented on my roller skates. I even won first place for my Lady and the Tramp routine.

In addition to my desire to entertain others, one thing I cared about deeply was helping people. I remember in first grade, my teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, had our class create a compilation book on paper almost as tall as us seven-year-olds, strung together with yarn. It was titled “When I Grow Up…” We all drew with crayons what our best lives would look like for our future selves. Firemen, ballerinas, policemen, nurses, and astronauts were all represented. My contribution declared, “I want to be a counselor so I can help people.”

I had a zest for a glamorous and meaningful life. My mother and father encouraged my natural instincts, instilling in me that the sky’s the limit (or so it seemed) and that anything is possible. Yet I also received mixed messages from society and culture that said, “Just be happy with what you have. You have to work really hard for money. You need to be responsible and practical so that one day you can get married and have kids.”

My parents were schoolteachers, and like most mothers and fathers, they wanted the best for their children. At home after school, my days were filled with playing tag with the neighborhood kids, finishing homework just in time to watch Little House on the Prairie, and practicing Pachelbel’s Canon for my upcoming lesson.

My parents worked hard and stretched every dollar to provide my brother and me with a home in a district with great public schools, plenty of extracurricular activities, and fun summer adventures including camping trips and later attending Interlochen National Music Camp. They did all the “right things” parents should do. They instilled in me: be nice to others, go to college and get a job, and always return your library books on time. I was grateful. But secretly, I was preparing for something much bigger than a life in Troy, Michigan. I didn’t realize it at the time, however; looking back, I can see that right from the very start, this world isn’t set up for women like us to express our full selves. It’s set up that either you’re famous or you help others. You can make the money to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle or you can make a difference.

This either/or situation went against what every little girl before age seven knows is her deepest truth, that one day she’ll be Queen and as Queen, she will lead an epic life. Presumably, similarly to you, I had envisioned playing a starring role on life’s stage. According to my big imagination, I was destined for a world-impacting career, legendary romantic love, and a jet-setting lifestyle that would take me far beyond my sensible and conservative Midwestern upbringing.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated my nice life in Middle America, it’s just that some of the constraints and mentalities I knew were not for me, like shopping exclusively off the sale rack, only being able to afford in-state college, and the idea that a fancy vacation meant driving down I-75 for two twelve-hour days to get to Florida. Begrudgingly, I did all three. I followed all the rules and maintained good (enough) grades, allegedly my golden ticket. Imagine my despair when it only took me as far as Western Michigan University and a mailing address of Kalamazoo.

“This isn’t me!” my soul screamed in protest. Living in what for me was the capital of mediocrity, getting my BA in communications because that was what the adults in my life told me I “should do,” had me in tears for three solid years. “This cannot be my real life! I see myself with a meaningful profession positively impacting the lives of others plus attending galas in New York and operas in Vienna, wearing Versace and Valentino. Instead, I’m in a snowsuit trudging uphill with my ginormous backpack, wasting my time sitting through boring general education classes like economics and astronomy, and generally hating life!”

By my third grueling winter in Kalamazoo, I was done with the city rumored to have last seen Elvis. I could no longer ignore the red flags that I’d been thrown completely off course of living the epic life I had envisioned for myself. I didn’t know what to do or who could save me from having no better options than going to basement grunge parties that annoyingly blared Kurt Cobain music. Just as I was coming of age and excited to step into my soon-to-be-glamorous style as a young adult, I realized this was the early ’90s, a time when it was illegal to look like you might have taken a shower or put a brush through your hair within the last three weeks.

I needed a win, so I turned to the relationship I had always relied on during an existential crisis such as this. “Dear God, please help me,” I prayed. “Show me the way to a magnificent life full of meaning. I’m asking for a miracle. I know you’ve created me for more than this.”

And because “Ask and it is given…,” a few weeks after putting my plea into the heavens, a childhood friend of mine from Interlochen “just happened” to call me to catch up. Abigail told me how much she was enjoying college life at American University in Washington, D.C., making new friends, going to fun parties, meeting interesting people from around the world, enjoying picnics on the National Mall, and having an absolute blast.

When I shared with her my bummer of a university experience, she encouraged me to join her in what sounded like the center of the Universe. Digging deep, tapping into those little-girl dreams of greatness, thinking bigger for myself, I decided to believe that a better college life was possible and immediately acted on what clearly was the answer to my prayers by submitting numerous applications for summer internships.

I was offered a position at a nonprofit organization, the National Center for Victims of Crime. I was thrilled to be of service in our nation’s capital, which was filled with people who were up to big things and at the top of their game. For the first time, I felt that here my contribution could have purpose and meaning that would affect people on a grand scale. Finally! Not only did I enthusiastically get up every morning to go to work, I couldn’t stop meeting fabulous new friends. My social life was thriving, nightly in Georgetown, on weekends at the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, and midweek at fund-raisers where I mingled with other smart people who worked on the Hill, or for political action committees and think tanks.

I was loving my new life, and there was no way I was going to leave it just because the summer was over. By the fall of my senior year, I had secured a prestigious internship giving public lectures at the Supreme Court of the United States, and for my second semester I landed the holy grail of internships, working for the chief of staff in the first lady’s office at the White House.

My idea of the epic life had just hit the jackpot! Queen by design, here I am! Walking into the coveted, West Wing–adjacent Eisenhower Executive Office Building daily never got old. The women in Hillary Clinton’s office were amazing. High-powered, smart, on purpose, generous, and fun to be around. Fully committed to making the world a better place, and all while treating each other and everyone in the office, including me, with the utmost respect. They’d let me peek into state dinners, attend helicopter takeoffs, even sit in on a few unclassified meetings just so I could watch and learn. It was glorious! These were my first up-front and close role models of Queens, who, to me, were living the epic life.

Then it was time to graduate. Upon receiving my diploma, I accepted a paid position with a private company owned by a political insider, who I quickly discovered didn’t live by the ethics that had been modeled by my previous supervisors, so after a few short months, I resigned. I had witnessed the underbelly of what can happen in the political arena, while working for this egomaniac who wound up in an international scandal. Though his dealings were completely unbeknownst to me, I discovered what “guilt by association” meant by age twenty-one, which by definition had me exiled from life as I knew it. (We’ll discuss more of what it means to be exiled in Chapter 4.)

Seeing no other options, in a haze and fog I moved home to Detroit, where I now was surrounded with twenty-somethings who thought going to rave parties in abandoned warehouses was cool. What a fall from grace. I felt like my professional life was over before it had barely begun. I sank into a depression.


Without having my identity directly attached to prestigious positions at the world’s most influential institutions, I was lost. But admitting that publicly? I couldn’t take it. What I could take was signing up for graduate school so my life could sound impressive again. I had been going to therapy three times a week to “find myself,” and after a year of inner exploration that even Freud would have been impressed by, I discovered a master’s degree program in clinical and humanistic psychology. In my head, this would be a great excuse for a socially acceptable year of personal development.

During that program, I did more than find myself. I learned firsthand about human potential. I proved to myself that a woman who was willing to grow could create anything she desired, which ended up being the subject of my master’s thesis, Living Life Unlimitedly. My inner child was roller-skating figure eights of joy in my heart.

The epic life was slowly coming back into clear view. Upon receiving my degree, I became a licensed psychotherapist, and now it was my turn to facilitate this exciting process of change and transformation for others. I was dazzled at the resilience of the human spirit. Women who had survived sexual abuse were healing. Marriages that suffered affairs came out stronger than before the betrayal took place. Children shaken from divorces made peace with a new definition of family. Teenagers who were angry, anxious, and even suicidal found inner joy and confidence. Active addicts experienced spiritual awakenings that led to sobriety. All of us were witnessing miracle after miracle as we tapped into the inner psychological and spiritual terrains. I was extremely grateful that I had been led to transform my own depression, pain, and professional exile into a deeply meaningful career. I enjoyed it so much that the pragmatic Midwesterner within could hardly believe I was getting a steady paycheck to do what I loved.

Surprise, surprise, two degrees deep and the legend of financial security had yet to be proven true. Mysteriously, after having done everything “right,” I still found myself in $75,000 of student loan debt, with my credit cards maxed out, and on a first-name basis with Delores at HSBC, begging her not to charge the late fee again. Yes, I was getting paid, but not nearly enough. Despite my higher education and government experience, I was clueless about how to make any decent amount of money, let alone create major impact in the world and be the successful mover and shaker I’d dreamed I’d be.

How was this my “epic life”?! Again, I had followed all the rules (except paying my bills on time). I did everything right. I went to college, got the jobs, earned the degrees, and wasn’t partying. (Sooooo boring, I know! Try being me at twenty-eight years old). I was willing to work hard, help others, and be a good person. And yet, fast-forwarding to age thirty, I found myself utterly disempowered, in debt, feeling alone and invisible, working seventy-five hours a week getting nowhere, unable to land a date to save my life, and (yes, it gets worse) living at home with my parents in Michigan.


I know I’m not the only woman in the history of the world who has had an era like this be part of her story. Maybe for you an epic life looks a little different, but the pain of feeling stuck is always the same. As women, if we’re not consciously making the choice to be the Queen of our epic lives, we usually find ourselves working really hard, as we’ve been told to do, yet secretly sad because nothing changes, not really.

Need proof? Let’s take a quick inventory. Since last year, how much of your life is relatively the same? Le muffin top? The lower-than-you’re-comfortable-with bank account balance? The going-through-the-motions sex life (or lack thereof)? The same circle of friends still venting about unbearable bosses, complaining about unexpected expenses, and pathetically insisting that he’s going to leave his wife this time (even though you know he’s not)? Family frustrations that have been reenacted since the Paleolithic Period? Tolerating the place we live rather than doing what it takes to move into a home we are inspired by and genuinely love? The demanding career that doesn’t actually advance, leaving us hope-addicted that if we work hard enough, we’ll hit it big “one day”? And then there’s the wardrobe that hasn’t been properly updated since Lincoln was in the White House.

Maybe if you’re lucky, at least one area of your life has had a significant change for the better. Yet as a Queen, that is just not good enough for you.

If you’re asking, “Is life meant to be this slow, this hard, this heavy? Where is the quantum leap? Did all miracles just exit stage left?” No, they did not. We stopped (or never started) believing in them.


  • Publisher's Weekly, "Books Help Seekers Find Spiritual Practice in Strange Places"
  • "Gina DeVee is a master at articulating what it means to be an empowered woman. At this exciting moment in history, we're being called to embrace the full force of our feminine fierceness, to stop apologizing, to joyfully share our greatness. This book is the guide we've been waiting for. Get ready y'all, the Queens have arrived!"—Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money
  • "In a world that is celebrating the rise of the feminine, Gina DeVee's timely and unapologetic message models for women what it means to be empowered, prioritized and spiritually connected in our modern era. Gina's unique way of embodying the Queen archetype and her ability to communicate this much needed message to women of all cultures is an inspiration."—Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love
  • "Gina DeVee shows us how to have it all, and at the same time. Defining what it truly means for the ordinary modern woman to have the mindset of a Queen, Gina's humorous, wise and fabulous philosophy reveals what feminine power is all about and how to access yours. Say goodbye to putting your health and happiness last. Making your dreams happen has never been this fun!"—JJVirgin, New YorkTimes bestselling author of The Virgin Diet
  • "Gina DeVee grants modern women permission to break the cycle of the nonstop busyness and put themselves first, so they can play an even bigger game and make a bigger difference in the world. With profound spiritual guidance, practical lifestyle wisdom, and indispensable leadership advice, this book is full of AHA moments revealing exactly how all women can step into the role of Queen."—Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestsellingauthor of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul
  • "In The Audacity to be Queen, Gina empowers women with the special touch that only she has to unleash your inner Queen. Her years of expertise shines through here in this gem of a book that is a must-have guide for anyone looking to step into greatness. From the very first pages, Gina lovingly and methodically leads the reader by the hand, sharing touching stories and effective, practical exercises that will lead to incredible transformations. This phenomenal book will lead you to fulfill your calling and become the very best version of yourself."—Dr. Judy Ho, clinical neuropsychologist, co-host of The Doctors,and author of Stop Self Sabotage
  • "What was once only for celebrities and royals is now available to every woman, thanks to Gina DeVee. The Audacity to Be Queen demystifies the mindset, ways of being, leadership style and lifestyle secrets that will empower you to manifest your dreams without blowing out your adrenals. Let this book be your new source of confidence, grace, influence and ease!"—KatherineWoodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One" and Conscious Uncoupling
  • "In today's world, where women are torn between conforming to society's standards or being who they know they are meant to be, Gina DeVee gives all women the permission to step up and be Queens. The Audacity to Be Queen is your guidebook to living a life so full of passion and purpose that you can only be jealous of yourself."—CynthiaPasquella-Garcia, celebrity nutritionist and Founder & CEO of the Instituteof Transformational Nutrition
  • "Gina DeVee is the embodiment of a true strong fierce charismatic Queen who fixes all of our crowns! She is a modern philosopher who defines in her words what it means to be a modern woman with sass, spirituality and style. Gina is the lifestyle guru we have all been waiting for and allows us all to dream big! This book is a go-to bible for empowerment, divinity and the exquisite all at the same time. Gina in person is the soulful kind of woman you want by your side, she reaches through and connects with you on a deep level and and her can-do attitude is both refreshing, honest and to my mind the ultimate in feminine leadership. Let Gina take you on a powerful inspirational journey of respect and renewal that brings the idea of self-care to a whole new level. You will find your deepest truth in this book and you will find ladies you can in fact have it all!"—LisaCannon, TV host and film producer
  • "Gina DeVee's fierce devotion to helping women own, earn, and most importantly enjoy their worth is unparalleled. Her coaching experience, built upon years in the trenches with clients from all over the world, gives her a unique perspective on what the modern woman really needs to rise. Brass-tacks practicality blended with a profound spiritual message, Gina's unapologetic message ignites."—Jennifer Racioppi, astrologer, success coach, and author of Lunar Logic and the forthcomingbook, Cosmic Health
  • "In a world where women are told to be powerful, but not 'too much,' aggressive, but not masculine, and beautiful, but not to the point where that beauty intimidates other women, Gina DeVee's new book, The Audacity to be Queen is a breath of fresh, lavender-scented air. Calling upon what Gina calls the three female superpowers: spirituality, femininity, and the audacity to be you, she takes women through a journey of epic dreaming, and arms them with the tools to make those dreams a concrete reality. Thoughtfully written for the everyday woman, Gina offers a generous roadmap to help her readers elevate the everyday, become intimate with their intuition, and step into their most unapologetic selves."—CaraAlwill, Bestselling author of Girl Code, master life coach, and host of theStyle Your Mind podcast
  • "Gina DeVee is a true game changer. She has built a global tribe through female empowerment with a deep desire to help others find their passion point and live their best life. The fact she is a Queen in an international arena and sharing with others how they can also wear this crown will no doubt become a global phenomenon. I am proud to call her a friend."—ToryArchbold, CEO and Founder Torstar + Powerful Steps
  • Tory Archbold, CEO and Founder Torstar + Powerful Steps—SaharaRose, best-selling author and host of the #1 spiritual podcast, Highest Self
  • "Gina DeVee's book is a true work of art, here to help today's woman access her feminine power and rise into the Queen that she was always meant to be. Gina's authenticity, wit, and wisdom make this an inspiring guide for women around the world to dream big and make an impact... It's a must-read."—Ashley Stahl, International Career Coach and Author
  • "The age of the Queen is NOW and Gina has created a life-changing book for women to step into their full queendom and give themselves the permission to own their greatness. Gina not only empowers everyone around her to live this magic through her programs and events but now she is giving every woman this AMAZING book. Gina leaves you with so much joy and empowerment from this book and showcases that the time is now for women to not only realize their greatness but own it! This is a book that every woman on the planet can read over and over again to remind themselves that we get to live the abundant, powerful life of our dreams and fulfill or true calling, on our terms. Her book, her events, and her programs are paving the way for queens everywhere!"—Sarah Pendrick, Founder of GirlTalk Network, Empowerment advocate,Speaker and TV show host
  • "The Audacity to Be Queen is deep, powerful, humorous, and fabulous. If there's anyone who can inspire you to step confidently into Queendom, it's Gina DeVee. This book is a bridge to get you back into the driver's seat of your ambitious dream and become the kind of person who makes it happen. Mega praise for this work of art."—Libby Crow, Founder and Entrepreneur

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Mar 3, 2020
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336 pages
Legacy Lit

Gina Devee

About the Author

GINA DEVEE is the founder of Divine Living, a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand and women’s empowerment company. She is a sought-after speaker and success coach with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Glenn, and her puppies, Lily and Oscar.

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