About Legacy Lit

Books that give voice to issues, authors, and communities that have been marginalized, underserved, and overlooked.

“Fifteen years in book publishing have revealed to me a consistent craving by BIPOC authors, readers, and publishing insiders. That craving is to be understood, to be ‘seen.’ Legacy Lit will be a home for writers where there’s a core understanding of culture and diversity. It’s an imprint where authors and staff can feel seen and heard, where books will be acquired, promoted and read by a team that authentically identifies with BIPOC authors. I’ve felt humbled by the excitement authors express when they meet me—a Black woman, someone of a brown hue—who understands their work without needing explanation, documentation. Our goal is to nurture and serve all people hungry for books that confirm their experience and history. I chose Legacy Lit as the imprint name because I offer our work as a gift to generations to come.”

Krishan Trotman | VP, Publisher