Forgotten Sundays

A Son's Story of Life, Loss, and Love from the Sidelines of the NFL


By Gerry Sandusky

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Forgotten Sundays is the coming-of-age story of a father-son relationship and the value of a good name, which Gerry Sandusky knows all too well. He has had to endure having an unfortunate name in sports, but to him the Sandusky name means something entirely different: honor, integrity, endurance, and suffering and sadness.

Forgotten Sundays follows the life and relationship between Gerry Sandusky and his father — former NFL tackle John Sandusky and coach for the Baltimore Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins under the tutelage of legendary Coach Don Shula. Gerry spent his summers observing his father in NFL training camps and his Sundays with superstars, Hall of Fame players and coaches from Johnny Unitas to Dan Marino, from Don McCafferty to Tom Landry.

Gerry’s relationship with his father evolved through stages of worship, disillusionment, vulnerability, tragedy, and friendship. Along the way he learned about the nature of manhood from observations, clues, and interactions — more often than not unspoken. It was when Gerry reached fatherhood himself and when John Sandusky began to tumble into the gauzy confusion of Alzheimer’s disease that he began to understand his father on a much deeper level.

Heartfelt, intelligent, at times humorous, at times tragic, Forgotten Sundays explores the intricacies of a father-son relationship and the nuances of how and what a son learns from a father. It plumbs the meaning of a family name, and it is an inspiration to others to embrace their own legacy and cherish their memories.


  • “One needs a box of Kleenex, but not many hours to read this memoir of love, loss and triumph that flows like a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Gerry Sandusky is a long term friend, but I did not know he was such a gifted writer. This book will make you appreciate your loved ones even more.”
    —Ben Carson,Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics , Johns Hopkins Medicine Chairman.
    "An excellent account of the emotional rollercoaster of the NFL and the impact this has families"
    —Larry Csonka, , NFL Hall of Fame Running Back
    "Inside a sport so clearly measured by lines, scores, and time, Forgotten Sundays takes readers into a world not often explored in football, a world of relationships. This book delves between the games that define careers and explores the relationships that shape lives, transcend generations, and ultimately give strength and value to a name."
    —Adam Schefter, ESPN
  • "I was a player for the Miami Dolphins during the trials and tribulations described in the book. Well written with a lot of thought and love. You don't have to play football to feel the impact of this book. This will inspire you to think long and hard about the value of a name and how men communicate life's important lessons to each other--frequently without saying a word."
    —Don Strock, Former Miami Dolphins Quarterback
    "William Faulkner said, ‘The poet's voice need not merely be the record of man. It can be one of the pillars to help him endure and prevail.' This book by Gerry Sandusky is a piece of poetry, a beautifully told story about what makes the game of football in modern America the essence of a man's life – the twin pillars of faith and family."
    —Sal Paolantonio, ESPN National Correspondent and author of How Football Explains America
    "From early morning mass to late night meetings to listening to him sing Danny Boy—a story filled with priceless memories that bring to life the wonderful human being that was John Sandusky."
    —Don Shula
  • "John Sandusky was more than a coach—he was a role model who showed everyone around him how to balance professional and personal responsibilities. Even though he wasn't my position coach, Coach Sandusky taught me a lot about the game of football and what it meant to be a player in the NFL. His dedication, work ethic and passion for the game rubbed off on anyone who was fortunate to be around him. And he was a friend who always emphasized the importance of family—what it meant to be a husband and a father. Those twin loves—football and family—are described in eloquent detail by his son, Gerry, in Forgotten Sundays, a loving portrait of a great coach and a great man.”
    —Dan Marino
    "A father gives you much more than a name. He gives you pride, honor and love. This is the story of how a son refused to let all that be taken from him, no matter the price."
    —Rick Reilly, ESPN commentator and essayist
    "My father meant the world to me and taught me so much about baseball and life. It was heart warming to read the story of Gerry and his Dad in this wonderful book."
    —Brooks Robinson, Baseball Hall of Famer
    "Gerry Sandusky has truly lived the football life. Forgotten Sundays is a poignant look at growing up in the NFL and what family meant to him.
    —Fred Gaudelli, producer NBC Sunday Night Football
  • "This is a powerful story filled with emotion and insight about a father, a son, and football."
    —NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
    "A career in professional sports (or coaching if you want) represents ashared sacrifice for an entire family but that sacrifice can also bring families together. In Forgotten Sundays Gerry Sandusky perfectly encapsulates and describes that unique dynamic."
    —Ross Tucker, Broadcaster and Host of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast
    “If you've ever had a coach, a mentor, a teacher who helped you become something special, then you understand John Sandusky. He didn't seek the spotlight. He helped others shine. This book provides a unique insight how John played a key role in our success, but even more important it shows from a personal perspective how he was able to stand up to pain and loss without losing character or integrity. It paints a picture of a great coach and a great family man."
    —Bob Griese, Former Miami Dolphins Quarterback, NFL Hall of Famer

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Gerry Sandusky

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Gerry Sandusky is the sports director of WBAL in Baltimore and the radio play-by-play voice of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. An award-winning journalist, Gerry is a frequent guest on NFL Network, ESPN Radio, and flagship radio stations of NFL teams. He also manages The Sandusky Group, a media consulting company. Gerry lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Please visit him at

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