With a deceptively simple yet graceful style, and in the tradition of Lara Vapnyar, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Gish Jen, Frances Hwang captures the thousand minor battles waged in the homes of immigrants — struggles to preserve timehonored traditions or break free of them, to maintain authority or challenge it, and to take advantage of modern excesses without diluting one’s ethnic identity.

In Garden City, a weary Chinese couple, struggling to evict their deadbeat tenant, is forced to face the aftermath of their teenage son’s death from cancer. And in The Old Gentleman, a daughter becomes alienated from her father when he finds love — or what he thinks could be love — in his old age. Frances Hwang is a powerful talent, and Transparency not only showcases her myriad gifts, but also announces the arrival of an exciting new voice.

What's Inside

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