The Day We Got Lost

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By Faith Pray

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A family's woodland hike takes them through many twists and turns—but it's so much better to get lost (and found!) when they're together.

On a day that's perfect for being outside in nature,Smudge and his family head for a hike in the mountains. But Willa’s fussing, Mom’s stressing, Grandpa’s telling the same old stories all over again, and Smudge will absolutely NOT be good, thank you very much.

When nature’s beauty doesn’t bring them together right away, could wandering from the path be just what they need?

Faith Pray’s gentle and stunning watercolors stir up a forest full of emotions in this subtle exploration of feeling distant from the ones you love and finding your way back to each other again.


  • "This high-spirited story is notable for its portrayal of loving and very realistic family dynamics.... A tale readers will easily get lost in."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Pray depicts the group’s less-united moments with empathy instead of judgment.... An ultimately cozy portrayal of a day that begins as memorable for the wrong reasons, only to end with Smudge’s loved ones learning to find their way—together."
    Horn Book
  • Praise for Perfectly Imperfect Mira:

    "The multiracial cast of children is full of energy and their physically expressive activities are captivating. A sweet celebration of the growth mindset." —Kirkus Reviews

    "Give this book to perfectionists or to those who feel too anxious to try new things." —Horn Book

    "Text and image work in fluid harmony in this sensitive picture book about overcoming perfectionism." —Publishers Weekly

    "This engaging story provides an inspiring insight into children’s feelings and the growth of confidence. Pair with similar stories by Peter H. Reynolds including The Dot, Ish, and Sky Color." —School Library Journal

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Aug 20, 2024
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40 pages

Faith Pray

About the Author

Faith Pray (yes, that’s really her name!) comes from a family of talented children’s book creators, but her extraordinary talents for capturing light and shadow and conveying emotion and story through line work are all her own. She also illustrated One Day by Joanna Ho and is the author-illustrator of Perfectly Imperfect Mira and The Starkeeper. Faith lives with her husband and children plus a helpful cat and a mischievous chocolate lab puppy in the Pacific Northwest.

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