Gilmore Girls: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

The Official Guide to All the Books

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By Erika Berlin

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Welcome to the ultimate TBR list! With meticulously researched book descriptions and hundreds of guided prompts and reading tips, The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge is an officially licensed, one-of-a-kind fan's guide to the Gilmore Girls universe and all 339 books referenced in the series.

For fans of Gilmore Girls, one of the most dedicated ways to tap into the psyche of Rory Gilmore is committing to one Herculean task: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Over the course of seven seasons, Rory Gilmore and her fellow Stars Hollow residents were seen reading or referencing 339 books. Now you can read along with Rory! This book is a distillation of those zealous inventories and is meant to make you fall back in love with Gilmore Girls all over again. Challenge yourself to reading the 300+ books from the series and exploring hundreds of guided prompts about each selection.

Included in this first-ever officially licensed reading challenge companion are thought starters and prompts pertaining to the books seen, mentioned, and referenced over the series’ seven-season run. This compendium has been carefully researched and is more thorough and verified than any other Rory Gilmore reading list that has been compiled. Whether you choose to start from the very beginning or dive into a particular character’s literary favorites, you’ll find a reading guide within. 

You'll also find helpful information for organizing your TBR collection, tips for maximizing your reading time and becoming a more mindful reader, secrets for reading multiple books at once, and an essential episode guide index with checkboxes. And if any part of the challenge feels daunting, take a bit of advice from the bibliophile queen herself: “I just take a book with me everywhere,” Rory once said. “It’s a habit.”

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Oct 29, 2024
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Erika Berlin

About the Author

Erika Berlin is a disco ball enthusiast, a pop culture addict, and a fan of pretending low-brow TV shows are educational. She is a Midwestern New Yorker who, like Rory, grew up as a voracious reader (Erika also devoured—and loved—Anna Karenina as a teen), and she frequently curates Little Free Libraries in her area as a hobby. She is a contributing editor at Ad Age and does PR and marketing for the Greenwich Library in Greenwich, CT. Previously she was a staff editor at Mental Floss, Rolling Stone, and Cosmopolitan, and her work has appeared in Smithsonian, Entertainment Weekly, Refinery29, the History Channel show Crazy Rich Ancients, and various iHeartMedia podcasts, among others. She lives in Westchester, NY, with her husband and two sons.

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