The Office Book of Lists

The Official Guide to Quotes, Pranks, Characters, and Memorable Moments from Dunder Mifflin


By Chip Carter

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Packed with compelling facts and trivia from all nine seasons, The Office Book of Lists breaks down the memorable series in a collection of 100+ easy-to-digest lists focusing on themes and characters in an irresistible package.

Each entry in this comprehensive book celebrates another corner of The Office universe and offers new discoveries and facts concerning cherished characters and themes. From the most hilarious pranks played at Dunder Mifflin to Michael’s best "That's What She Said" moments, each list will delight fans and remind them why The Office is one of the most popular comedy series of all time. Each list also helpfully indicates season and episode. Lists include:
  • Michael’s Inappropriate Behavior
  • Schrute Family History, Customs, and Rituals
  • Jim’s Pranks
  • Angela’s Morals
  • Creed Thoughts
  • Andy’s Musical Moments
  • Office Romances
  • Christmas Secret Santa Gifts
  • Field Trips
  • Kelly’s Crushes
And more!

Including full-color photos and visuals throughout, The Office Book of Lists is an officially licensed must-have collector's item for the ultimate fan.

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FACT: The Office remains as popular today as it was when it aired.

FALSE: That popularity can be easily quantified.


Robert Dunder started his company in 1949 as an industrial supplier of metal brackets for construction. He met Robert Mifflin at a rotary club or at a tour of Dartmouth—there are conflicting details—and they began to sell paper. Mifflin killed himself in 1972. By the early 2000s, paper suppliers in general were suffering and Dunder Mifflin was no exception. The company at one point had a corporate office and twelve branches. At the time the Scranton branch documentary began filming, several branches had already been shut down and more still were in jeopardy.

• Scranton, Pennsylvania

• Albany, New York

• Buffalo, New York

• Yonkers, New York

• Binghamton, New York

• Utica, New York

• Rochester, New York

• Syracuse, New York

• Camden, New Jersey

• Nashua, New Hampshire

• Pittsfield, Massachusetts

• Stamford, Connecticut

• Akron, Ohio


Alan Brand: CEO of Dunder Mifflin until the Sabre buyout. Alan and the board decide they can’t justify both a Scranton branch and a Stamford branch. (Pilot)

Jan Levinson-Gould: Vice president of sales and Michael Scott’s boss. (Pilot)

Randall: Former CFO who was laid off for sleeping with his secretary. (Sexual Harassment)

David Wallace: CFO who replaces Randall. (Valentine’s Day) After he buys the company from Sabre, he becomes CEO. (Free Family Portrait Studio)

Sherri: Jan’s assistant for a time. Eventually she is replaced by a new young assistant named Hunter. Michael feels threatened by Hunter and calls him James van der Beek. (Halloween / The Negotiation)

Ryan Howard: After beginning as a temp, Ryan’s business savvy and business school degree help him leapfrog to become Michael’s boss, replacing Jan as VP of sales. However, he commits fraud, is arrested, and then comes back as a temporary employee again. (The Job)

Charles Miner: VP for the Northeast region after Ryan is arrested. He is let go during the Sabre buyout. (New Boss)

Brenda: Goes on the retreat cruise to learn from Michael but ends up writing notes about his inappropriate behavior. (Booze Cruise)

Grace: Receptionist at the Corporate office. (The Job)

Brent: Tells Jim how intense the fantasy football was at Corporate. (The Job)

Kendall: HR representative. During Jim’s interview, David Wallace mentions that this irritating HR guy is the only person Jim probably won’t like. (The Job / Business Ethics)

Robert Dunder: Michael asks founder Robert Dunder to come to his age discrimination meeting. (Dunder Mifflin Infinity)

Thomas Dean: Ryan uses Thomas’s office for some of the documentary filming, even after Thomas tells him to do it in his own office or the hall. (Launch Party)

Diane Kelly: The company’s chief legal counsel. (The Deposition)

Stephanie: David Wallace’s secretary. (New Boss)


Gabe Lewis: Coordinating director of merging regions. (Sabre)

Jolene Bennett: CEO, breast cancer survivor, close personal friend of Nancy Pelosi, and dog owner to multiple dogs. She has slept with three of the same guys Truman Capote did. (The Manager and the Salesman)

Nellie Bertram: President of special projects. (Tallahassee)

Robert California: Joins Sabre as regional manager of Scranton but convinces Jo to give him her job as CEO. (The List)


Josh Porter: Regional manager. (Pilot)

Jim Halpert: Assistant regional manager when he transfers from Scranton. (Gay Witch Hunt)

Karen Filippelli: Salesperson. (Gay Witch Hunt)

Hannah Smoterich-Barr: Hannah makes others at the office uncomfortable by pumping her breastmilk at her desk. She is transferred to Scranton, but quits while Michael is on vacation after filing some complaints about being a working mother. (Back from Vacation)

Tony Gardner: After Michael forces the overweight Tony to get up on the conference table on the first day, Tony quits, claiming he doesn’t like Michael’s management style. (The Merger)

Martin Nash: An ex-con who Josh hires to get the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit. He was convicted for insider trading. Martin quits after Michael locks all the staff in the conference room when he gets the impression they all think prison is better than the office. (The Convict)


Ben Nugent: Utica’s top salesperson. (Branch Wars)

Rolando: Receptionist. (Branch Wars)


There are four departments and management in the Scranton branch. Human Resources technically reports to Corporate, but has an HR rep stationed in each branch office. In Scranton, during the years the documentary is filmed, the main personnel in each department are as follows.


Michael Scott, regional manager: Michael is kindhearted but totally inappropriate, and often delusional. He is the regional manager for a number of years before leaving to marry Holly Flax. He is succeeded by several regional managers, including Andy Bernard and Dwight Schrute.

Pam Beesly, receptionist, office manager, and sales representative: A frustrated artist engaged to Roy in the warehouse, Pam has trouble speaking up for herself and navigating into a career in art and design. Eventually she and Roy break up and she marries Jim and paints murals for various buildings.

Erin Hannon, receptionist: Erin’s real name is Kelly, but to avoid confusion with Kelly Kapoor, she goes by her middle name, Erin. Usually happy, if not the brightest, Erin takes over as receptionist after Pam quits to work for The Michael Scott Paper Company.


Dwight K. Schrute, sales representative: Beet farmer, top salesman, and Battlestar Galactica fan, Dwight will do whatever it takes to become manager of the Scranton branch. It takes about nine years.

Jim Halpert, sales representative: At first Jim is a slacker who fills his days goofing off and playing elaborate pranks on Dwight. As his friendship with Pam eventually grows into a relationship, a marriage, and a family, he begins to apply himself to support his family and helps start a sports marketing company in Philadelphia.

Stanley Hudson, sales representative: One of the best salespeople at Dunder Mifflin, Stanley longs for only one thing—retirement. And pretzels. And women other than his wife. And crossword puzzles.

Phyllis Lapin-Vance, sales representative: A longtime salesperson for the company, Phyllis is the same age as Michael and went to school with him, a fact Michael often seems to forget. Phyllis wears White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor and once gave a baby up for adoption. She marries Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration.

Ryan Howard: See here.

Andy Bernard, sales representative: The worst salesman in the office, Andy somehow becomes regional manager, then throws it all away to try his hand at acting. He also fails at that, eventually ending up at his alma mater in the admissions office.

Todd Packer, traveling salesman: The Scranton branch’s traveling salesman, Packer isn’t often seen, but when he is, no one seems to like him much except Michael. He eventually gets fired.


Angela Martin, head of accounting: Angela has strict ideas about behavior and morality. She also takes her duties as head of party planning quite seriously.

Oscar Martinez, accountant: Oscar sees himself as the voice of reason in the Accounting department and the office. Oscar is at first a closeted gay man, but he eventually comes out. He may have had an affair with Matt the warehouse worker before getting involved with Angela’s husband, Senator Robert Lipton. He also had a long-term relationship at one time with Gil.

Kevin Malone, accountant: Kevin is a good-natured accountant who claims to have scored over 100 on an IQ test. He likes sports and gambling and has been in several bands as the drummer and singer.

Quality Control / Customer and Supplier Relations

Kelly Kapoor, customer service representative: Kelly’s middle name is Rajanighanda, which Kevin thinks is a boy’s name. She loves drama and singing and tries to brand herself as the Business Bitch, the Diet Bitch, the Shopping Bitch, and the Etiquette Bitch.

Meredith Palmer, supplier relations representative: Never one to shy away from being loud and proud about her sexual promiscuity, Meredith is often sexually and socially inappropriate or hungover.

Creed Bratton, quality assurance representative: Almost anything known about Creed could be and probably is a lie. The most senior person in the office, he has a shady past, a shady present, and most likely a shady future. He is eighty-two years old at the time of the fun run.


Toby Flenderson, Corporate HR representative: Toby can never quite figure out why Michael hates him so much. If he won the lotto, he would start a podcast called The Flenderson Files. He is writing a series of mystery novels featuring Chad Flenderman. One features Chad’s archnemesis, Dr. Lucifer Wu, and one is based on a murdered TV star.


Hank: Hank, the security guard, doesn’t actually work for Dunder Mifflin but works for the building. He plays guitar and manages Dwight’s Caffeine Corner.


Darryl Philbin, warehouse foreman: The no-nonsense head of the warehouse, Darryl eventually gets promoted upstairs. By the time the documentary crew finishes filming, Darryl has left Dunder Mifflin to join Jim’s sports marketing company, Athlead.

Lonny: An outspoken member of the warehouse crew, Lonny is in favor of forming a union.

Roy Anderson: Roy was engaged to Pam for three years and kept stalling on setting a wedding date.

Madge: Madge is the first one to make a sale when drivers begin selling paper on their routes.

Glenn: Darryl selects Glenn to take over the warehouse, but he does not do a good job.

Michael: Warehouse Michael gives Michael Scott a ride home for an hour in traffic, and yet Michael Scott can’t remember his name.

Hide: Hide was the number-one heart surgeon in Japan. After he made a mistake during a Yakuza boss’s operation, he fled to America. Later he reveals that he failed the heart operation on purpose. Hide loses all his winnings from the lottery when he invests his money in energy drinks for Asian homosexuals. One flavor is coconut penis.

Val: Gabe and Darryl have a crush on this new warehouse worker, who later becomes the foreman.

Frank: Frank defaces Pam’s mural because he doesn’t like her art.


While the Scranton branch boasts some longtime employees like Michael, Stanley, Dwight, Phyllis, Jim, Pam, and Creed, it also lost a number of people over the years. Some Michael remembers and some he does not.

A young Guatemalan guy: He once worked in the office and asked Michael to be godfather to his child. It was his first job and Michael had to let him go because he “sucked.” (Pilot)

Catherine: Michael claims he could have had sex with Catherine, who used to work there. (Sexual Harassment)

Tom: Tom worked in Accounting and put a note in the suggestion box saying that the company needed better outreach for employees fighting depression. He later killed himself. (Performance Review)

Devon: Forced to fire one person to cut costs, Michael initially attempts to fire Creed, who then convinces him to fire Devon instead on Halloween. (Halloween)

Ed Truck: Ed was Michael’s predecessor as manager, and Michael says he was a jerk. (The Carpet) Ed is decapitated in a car accident. (Grief Counseling)

Miles: Dwight wonders if Miles, who left to form his own company, used to sit at his desk. It was actually Todd Packer. (The Carpet)

Gary Trundle: Gary worked in the warehouse and made a deal to have sex with Meredith on their last day. (Branch Closing)

Roy: Roy is fired when he attacks Jim, after learning Pam kissed him. (The Negotiation)

Michael Scott: Upset that Charles canceled his fifteenth anniversary party and that he has to drive to New York to get David Wallace to talk to him, Michael quits, even though David relents and says he can have the party. (New Boss) Charles has security guard Hank escort Michael out of the building before his two weeks are up when he finds the Dunder Mifflin order form that has been altered to be the Michael Scott Paper Company form. (Two Weeks)

Karen Filippelli: When the Stamford and Scranton branches merge, Karen transfers to the Scranton office for a short time. (The Merger) After Karen and Jim end their relationship, she then transfers to the Utica branch and becomes regional manager.

Ryan Howard: Ryan relocates to New York after being offered a job to work for Corporate, taking over Jan Levinson’s vacated position. (The Job) He eventually joins the Michael Scott Paper Company when he’s released from his Corporate job for misleading shareholders.

Pam Beesly: Pam decides to go with Michael to start a new company, the Michael Scott Paper Company, but she wants to be a salesperson, not a receptionist. (Two Weeks)

Henry Rostock: Henry was the boss for nine years and four months. (The Manager and the Salesman)


Every office needs some new blood, and over the years the Scranton branch has hired a number of new people. Few have lasted, perhaps due to the tight bond the Scranton colleagues have… or perhaps because it takes a special type of person to work with Dwight, Andy, and Michael.

Holly Flax: Holly is transferred to Scranton and becomes the new HR person when Toby moves to Costa Rica. (Goodbye, Toby)

Ronni: Ronni is hired as a replacement receptionist when Pam goes to art school. (Weight Loss)

Erin Hannon: Charles hires Erin to become the new receptionist when Pam and Michael leave to form a new company. (Michael Scott Paper Company)

Nate: Dwight picks up Nate as a day laborer, and he became the new maintenance worker for the building. He ends up working in the warehouse. (Sex Ed)

Danny Cordray: Michael hires Danny to be a traveling salesman, forgetting they already have Todd Packer doing that. (The Sting)

Jordan Garfield: When Deangelo is regional manager he hires a new executive assistant, Jordan, whose previous job was at Anthropologie. (The Inner Circle)

Cathy Simms: Andy hires Cathy to temporarily replace Pam while she is on maternity leave. (Doomsday)

Pete and Clark: They are hired and called the “New Jim” and “Dwight Jr.” (New Guys)


While many of the employees at Dunder Mifflin have been there for quite some time, for most of the staff, Dunder Mifflin is not their first job. While only Toby has access to everyone’s files, some of the staff are not shy about letting others know what is on their résumé.

Andrew (Andy) Baines Bernard went to Cornell, was drunk the whole time, and sang in an a capella group called Here Comes Treble. (Gay Witch Hunt) Andy took Intro to Philosophy twice. (Business Ethics) As a freshman, Andy wrote an op-ed column called “Bernard’s Regards” at the Cornell Daily Sun. (Costume Contest) Andy wrote a companion piece to The Vagina Monologues when he took a “crapload” of women’s studies courses at Cornell. He called it The Penis Apologies. (The Inner Circle) While in Stamford, he lived with a dominatrix mistress named Lila, and she taught him more than any college professor at Cornell. (Women’s Appreciation) Andy worked at Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and AIG and did a summer at Enron. (Scott’s Tots) Andy was originally named Walter Jr. and bore this name until he was six and his brother was born; his parents felt his brother better exemplified the name. (The Delivery) Andy claims he was a cute baby and could have modeled. He hated golf lessons as a kid and hung out with the sailing club instead. (Job Fair) Andy is petrified of his nipples chafing. (Fun Run) A passionate musician and performer, Andy played a bat boy in Damn Yankees. (The Chump)

Pam Beesly went to Valley View High School. (Job Fair) She gets accepted to Pratt Institute’s School of Design. (Goodbye, Toby) She played volleyball in junior high. And in high school. And a little in college. And went to volleyball camp most summers. (Company Picnic)

Toby Flenderson went to Bishop O’Hara. He went to seminary for a year, then dropped out to follow his girlfriend to Scranton. (Casual Friday) Toby has a degree in social work from Temple University. (Counseling) He took a course at the Weintraub Memory Academy and remembers that he sat next to a woman named Beverly Brook, who had a Greek salad for lunch. (New Guys)

Michael Scott once applied to be “bottle capper” at a factory. (The Convention)

Josh Porter from Stamford lived on a kibbutz where he grew oranges and joined the Coast Guard. (The Convention)


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