Little Messy Marcy Su


By Cherie Fu

Illustrated by Julie Kwon

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A pitch-perfect rhyming text about messiness that any child and parent can relate to — featuring a unique Chinese-American, intergenerational twist.

Marcy Su couldn't help make messes, track mud on the floors, and get stains on her dresses.

But Marcy's Mama has had enough! Waipo and Waigong are visiting today, and Marcy's room is a disgrace. What will her grandparents think? Not to worry—Marcy knows just what to do! From doing the laundry to getting herself dressed, little Marcy Su will certainly go above and beyond than what Mama asked.

Cherie Fu's playful humor and bouncy rhythms, set against Julie Kwon's expressive illustrations, perfectly captures how a plucky daughter's exuberance and a tired mom come together amidst the beautiful chaos that surrounds them.


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Nov 30, 2021
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Cherie Fu

About the Author

Cherie Fu was raised by immigrants, in a home filled with the garlicky aroma of wok-fried food and the crackling of mahjong tiles. When she became the mother of two audacious little girls, a creative interest was ignited. Inspired by childhood's wondrous humor and optimism, she began imagining characters and telling stories that reflected her own family's cultural experience. Little Messy Marcy Su is her debut picture book. She lives in Austin with her messy husband and even messier daughters.

Julie Kwon is an artist and illustrator based in Philadelphia, where she can often be found either making a mess or procrastinating on cleaning one up. A graduate of the Brown/RISD Dual-Degree program, her work is heavily inspired by the many books and comics she read growing up, as well as her childhood memories of wandering in the woods of her hometown. In addition to Little Messy Marcy Su, she has illustrated The Fearless Flights of Hazel Ying Lee and Peter Lee's Notes from the Field. Julie invites you to visit her website at

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