Team Habits

How Small Actions Lead to Extraordinary Results


By Charlie Gilkey

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The teams we work in amplify our individual efforts, yet we constantly struggle to accomplish what is possible. You can see all the problems in a typical weekly meeting. No planning. Missing goals. Muddled communication. We think just bringing our personal hopes and desires will be enough. It’s not.

The groups we work in need collective habits as much as individuals need better personal habits. Determining team habits for things like planning, decision-making, and prioritization produce reliability and ease for everyone. Team habits create better work and let people work better together.
In Team Habits, Charlie Gilkey explains how the revolution in personal habits has an even greater potential when applied to teams. With practical exercises, a Team Habits Quiz to evaluate areas for improvement, and a guide to create a team habits roadmap, Team Habits will help you transform your group so team members can flourish and thrive. If changing the smallest habit can yield powerful results for an individual, then just imagine what it can do for your team.



  • “When so many workplaces struggle with firmly established norms and limitations, Team Habits is an instruction manual to stop fixating on the things you can’t change while overlooking the stuff you can change right in front of you.”
    Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, New York Times bestselling author of It’s Your Ship
  • “Charlie Gilkey’s Team Habits offers a compelling roadmap that can help any group find a path to higher performance. By addressing the small but critical behaviors that shape our daily interactions, this book equips leaders to cultivate an environment of productivity and purpose.”
    Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE POWER OF REGRET
  • "Team Habits synthesizes complex challenges of team management into solutions that will lead to increased performance, while centering the humanity of everyone in the organization. This is the modern business handbook that should sit on everyone’s desk."
    Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work and The Widest Net
  • Team Habits is success-critical reading for every leader! Packed with practical, actionable insights, tools and strategies, with a unique focus on habits that build belonging and fuel performance, Gilkey has created an essential reference for those to aspire to collective greatness." 
    Johnathan Fields, Bestselling author of SPARKED, founder of Good Life Project®
  • Team Habits will help you get away from the craziness of "who's doing what" to the calmness of a team working together to get the most important things handled.”
    John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Ultimate Marketing Engine
  • “Team Habits details the critical role belonging plays in any team’s health and results, elaborating on specific actions that establish team cultures that are truly inclusive. This is a must for anyone leading a team at a time when we are re-inventing the rules of work.”
    Jennifer Brown, bestselling author of How to be an Inclusive Leader

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Charlie Gilkey

About the Author

Charlie Gilkey is the author of the critically acclaimed Start Finishing (Sounds True, 2019) and founder of the coaching and training company Productive Flourishing, a company that helps changemakers start finishing the stuff that matters. Productive Flourishing’s website is routinely placed in the Top 50 websites for planning, productivity, creativity, and team development for creative folks. Charlie is also a former Army logistics officer, veteran, and a near-PhD in Philosophy. He lives in Portland, OR.

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