The Ultimate Pub Trivia Card Deck

98 Quizzes by the Smartest Guy in the Bar


By Austin Rogers

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Play the best damn trivia night ever with this card deck of the greatest, most fascinating, and hilarious pub trivia ever devised.

From one of the pioneers of pub trivia, Jeopardy! champion Austin Rogers, comes the complete resource for playing and running an uproariously entertaining trivia night, whether you’re hanging out with friends and family, spicing up a party, or hosting an official event at your local pub.
More than a random collection of facts, The Ultimate Book of Pub Trivia features 98 rounds of multiple-question quizzes. Each one is carefully curated to encourage a night of lively competition. The result? Hours and hours of fun as you and your friends answer challenging questions on everything from Bad Movie Descriptions to Extreme Sports to Pop Princesses to Science Time.

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Jul 11, 2023
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Austin Rogers

Austin Rogers

About the Author

Austin Rogers is a Jeopardy! All-Star—having won $411,000—and has returned to the show on the Tournament of Champions. He still hosts his long-running, hugely popular New York City pub trivia night, and he is host of the podcast A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers.

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