Chick Flick Road Kill

A Behind the Scenes Odyssey into Movie-Made America


By Alicia Rebensdorf

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As a child of the 1980s, Alicia Rebensdorf was raised by TV and movies. But when she, like so many of her generation, found herself a bored twentysomething, waitressing and wondering why life wasn't as she imagined it would be, she devised a plan: She'd visit the locations of the shows and movies she grew up with and try to come to terms with her nostalgia for places and scenes that purported a real America.

Chick Flick Road Kill explores Rebensdorf's relationship to popular culture and media mythology. From the streets of Fargo, North Dakota, to the bleachers of the still-intact field from The Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, Rebensdorf learns that her generation's sense of America is, indeed, as flat as its two-dimensional TV screens. What's more, she discovers the America behind the Hollywood myth—one that's far more exciting when freed from the mystique and power of pop culture's romanticism.

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Feb 13, 2007
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280 pages
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Alicia Rebensdorf

About the Author

Alicia Rebensdorf has been published in, The Los Angeles Times, Bay Area weeklies and Salon’s travel anthology, Wanderlust: Real-Life Tales of Adventure and Romance. Alicia graduated with honors from Lewis and Clark College with an emphasis in media studies and has worked as an assistant editor at Trips magazine and Alternet, an online news service where she headed a department entitled MediaCulture.

Based on the first 100 pages of Remote Control Road Kill, in 2003 Alicia was honored with the Mary J. Tanenbaum award, an annual nonfiction award given by The San Francisco Foundation to young writers for works-in-progress. She currently lives in Brooklyn.

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