Cover Launch: THE BLACK HUNGER by Nicholas Pullen

Take your first look at the cover for The Black Hunger (US | UK), the debut gothic horror novel by Nicholas Pullen, coming October 2024!

The Black Hunger by Nicholas Pullen
Cover Design by Stephanie Hess

A spine-tingling, queer gothic horror debut where two men are drawn into an otherworldly spiral, and a journey that will only end when they reach the darkest part of the human soul.

John Sackville will soon be dead. Shadows writhe in the corners of his cell as he mourns the death of his secret lover and the gnawing hunger inside him grows impossible to ignore. 

He must write his last testament before it is too late.

It is a story steeped in history and myth—a journey from stone circles in Scotland, to the barren wilderness of Ukraine where otherworldly creatures stalk the night, ending in the icy peaks of Tibet and Mongolia, where an ancient evil stirs.