The Captain by Jason Platt

In my upcoming graphic novel, “Middle School Misadventures: Operation: Hat Heist!”, the follow up to, “Middle School Misadventures”, we find out that one of Newell’s favorite TV shows is the space adventure called, “The Captain”. The Captain is a WWII bomber pilot who finds himself lost in space and in front of adventures aplenty. Newell loves the show so much that he even has a crusher cap just like TheCaptain wears. It’s his favorite hat.
In, “Operation: Hat Heist!” we see clips–or moments–of the show that Newell loves so much. And as I was writing these moments I realized that I wanted to see more of them! I wanted to read more about The Captain and the crew of their ship, the NBB-1 (otherwise known as The Nubby)! And I realized that if I wanted to read more adventures with them, you might too.
So I have written a short 4 part mini-adventure with The Captain and crew of the NBB-1. It has everything that you might hope for; adventure, comedy and thrilling cliff hangers.
I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing and drawing it for you!
-Jason Platt
Read it here!