Bedtime Books for Rowdy Kids Who Just Won’t Go to Sleep

As someone who used to stay up reading under the covers with a flashlight, I fully understand that many children will not be quite ready for bed when bedtime rolls around. Some children have a LOT of energy, and a bedtime story that acknowledges that energy (with some laughs to go along) can go a long way towards settling them down. Plus, getting to read together before bed is a great way to establish a habit, making reading and books a daily part of your child’s life. Even today, I still use reading as a nightly way to transition from the busy world around us to the world of dreams. Helping your child establish that habit will be a lifelong gift, and a great excuse to read some extraordinarily silly books aloud. For those marathon nights when you need more than just a single bedtime story to get the job done, check out these fantastic read alouds. You and your rowdy young reader will be ready to sleep in no time!