About Hachette Go

My motto has long been “books change my life every day,” because no matter what my challenge, I’ve found a book to help. We all know that changing your life can be hard. At Hachette Go, we are inspired by that moment of breakthrough that allows change to happen and the action that follows. We are on a mission to make that change accessible to everyone. The right word, the right experience, the right book can make all the difference.

Hachette Go is a new imprint from Hachette Books with a mission to give people the best information on how to change their lives for the better. As an imprint, we’ll publish the most exciting ideas for change, in both work and life, by authors ready to stand out and make a difference. Our goal is to ensure that every book finds its audience through strong campaigns and author partnership.

In all our books, you’ll find a prescriptive element that seeks that positive change in health, inspiration, food, self-help, psychology, how-to, and work. We are saying that it is all about giving yourself permission to seek change, invest in yourself, and make it happen with a spirit of enterprise.

With the bold narrative voices of Hachette Books and the change-your-life prescriptive books of Hachette Go, all of your nonfiction reading is covered.

This is a space where change can happen. So let’s GO!

Mary Ann Naples | VP, Publisher