Great Gifts for Your Favorite Nerds

Not sure what to get the favorite nerd in your life? Your search ends here. Enjoy this list of gifts for nerds—all books relating to science, math, Game of Thronestechnology, neuroscience, history, language, League of Legends, and more.


Modern HERstory by Blair Imani 

Blair Imani takes a different approach to the powerful women in history trope, with an eye on radical inclusivity. Modern HERstory celebrates 70 women, girls, and gender nonbinary people who have changed the world—from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter and beyond. This collection is a colorful, illustrated format perfect for all ages.


Book Love by Debbie Tung 

Debbie Tung shares her cute, cozy art style with this collection of comics about the life of the bookworm. From book hoarding to spine sniffing, Book Love has a comic for all moments of a book lover’s life.


P is for Pterodactyl by Raj Haldar, Chris Carpenter, and Maria Beddia 

Why is A for apple, aisle, and aeons? Why does gnat start with G and knot start with K? Silent letters wreak havoc on the English language, and Raj Haldar pokes fun at them, while also showing how to pronounce these weird words in this delightfully terrible alphabet book.


Ashley Holstrom is a book person, designing them and writing about them for Book Riot. She lives near Chicago with her cat named after Hemingway and her bookshelves organized by color.