John Carruthers

About the Author

John Carruthers is a writer, editor, and 2014 graduate of Hot Dog University. Yes, that’s a real thing. His thoughts on meat, and the cooking and eating thereof, have appeared in Serious Eats, Thrillist, The Big Lead, and Food City from the University of Illinois Press. He and his wife live in Chicago, because you can get a decent taco there at any hour.

John Scholl is a founding member of ManBQue. When he’s not at his day job in advertising, he’s cooking or brewing beer. He also travels with his family, searching for great food and beer. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two kids, and dog.

Jesse Valenciana is the founder of ManBQue and lifelong Chicagoan. Aside from contributing his sports related sarcasm to a local newspaper, he gets paid to travel the country for a beer company and has his pig-dog Gus tattooed on his arm. That’s called living the dream.

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