Who Is Your Guardian Angel?


By Veronique Jarry

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Guardian angels are our own personal bodyguards and best friends: they protect us from harm, are there for us in times of need, and can imbue us with certain talents and skills. Extensive research into sacred texts reveals that there are seventy-two guardian angels, each of whom governs five days of the calendar year. The day you were born determines who your guardian angel is. Open Who Is Your Guardian Angel?, look up your birthday, and find out all about your celestial counterpart. Find out what famous people share your guardian with you. Find out what special powers and responsibilities your guardian angel has and–more important–how these powers affect you.



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Vehuiah is the Angel of

Steve McQueen Joan Crawford
Elton John Arturo Toscanini
Timothy Dalton Anthony Van Dyck
George Benson Moses Malone



For persons born March 21 to 25

His protégés? You just can't stop them . . . they have life within life. They carry inside the fire of life, the energy to create.

VEHUIAH governs the first rays of the Sun. He is so radiant that his protégés are loaded with energy and can succeed in anything they undertake, especially new endeavors!

VEHUIAH will help his protégés to appease anger and to be wise. They can succeed at the most difficult tasks. They can achieve anything and beat records. They have the inner energy to get over hardship. They have a sharp and bright intelligence. They are very clear-minded toward themselves and toward traps and trickery. Courageous, direct, and dynamic, they can be very persuasive.

They will be particularly talented in arts and sciences. Not selfish, they have big hearts. They will be deeply loved, and the feelings will be complete and intense.




Jeliel is the Angel of

Sandra Day O'Connor Francisco Goya
John Tyler Raphael
Cyrus Vance Diana Ross
Tennessee Williams Tracy Chapman
Vincent Van Gogh Eric Clapton



For persons born March 26 to 30

JELIEL governs the destiny of kings and high dignitaries. He grants victory to those unjustly attacked. He helps to obtain the obedience of others, and to appease rebellion.

JELIEL helps his protégés to be noble and fair. Their intelligence will control their instincts, so that they can dominate what is inferior within themselves, thus allowing them to live with higher values. Their moral values will allow them to give constructive judgments and impartial advice. They will be able to solve any conflicts or disagreements, and bring order where there was chaos.

His protégés can also be quite idealistic. They will have good sense and quiet strength, and they will know how to persuade. Responsible, independent and loyal, they will also have the talent to materialize what is in their imagination. They can be successful in justice, and in constructive or creative activities.

JELIEL also inspires sentimental passion. He helps his protégés to have peace in their love life and to experience marital fidelity. They will be respected, with faithful love.




Sitael is the Angel of

Hans Christian Andersen Debbie Reynolds
René Descartes Marlon Brando
Alec Guinness Eddie Murphy
Jane Goodall Alec Baldwin
Marvin Gaye Donald Sutton



For persons born March 31 to April 4

Follow your ideas, you have the talent to make it happen!

SITAEL rules nobility, and destroys adversity. SITAEL will help his protégés to overcome any type of adversity. Lucid, pragmatic, and hardworking, they will be able to successfully materialize all of their ideas, and solve the materialistic worries of life!

What more? Hope. Hope not only for themselves, but also for people around them. SITAEL helps his protégés to live with truth and to defend truth, to keep to their word, and to do anything to be helpful to others. They will bring hope to those in need. Sincere and honest, they will be perfect for arbitration. They will have an impartial judgment and will be able to reconcile adverse parties.

SITAEL also protects against weapons and wild animals.




Elemiah is the Angel of

Colin Powell Billie Holiday
Francis Ford Coppola Paul Robeson
Herbert von Karajan Spencer Tracy
Harry Houdini Jacques Brel
Bette Davis



For persons born April 5 to 9

ELEMIAH governs voyages and maritime expeditions. He helps his protégés to make useful discoveries, to be industrious, and to be involved in lucky endeavors. In other words, he will help them to find the way to success and power! He grants his protégés the talent to fix a situation. When a situation is not working right, they will discover the mistake and know how to change it.

They will make the right professional choices for themselves and others, and will know when to change direction in business. Magnetic and energetic, they will find the right associates, and ELEMIAH will help them to get over worries and stress, and to discover traitors. Hardworking and strong-minded, they are also imaginative.

They will enjoy traveling, and they will receive the protection of ELEMIAH while traveling. Quite convenient!




Mahasiah is the Angel of

Thomas Jefferson Omar Sharif
Matthew Perry F. W. Woolworth
Charles Evans Hughes Samuel Beckett
Ellen Goodman Loretta Lynn
Joseph Pulitzer Pete Rose



For persons born April 10 to 14

The pillars!

MAHASIAH grants his protégés a tremendous moral strength that nothing can destroy! They are born leaders, strong-willed and powerful. Yet they want to create harmony around them. MAHASIAH can assist them in finding a balance, by helping them to live in peace with everyone.

His protégés will carry moral and material wealth, and have access to fame and fortune! Persuasive and daring, they will also know how to be diplomatic. They will be courageous, strong and responsible. Reliable, they will get over hardship and go on with life.

MAHASIAH will help his protégés to learn very easily, and they will have access to higher sciences (philosophy, esoteric, artistic . . .). They will be very intelligent and knowledgeable. Pleasant and jovial, they are charmers. They know how to express themselves and naturally become the center of attention.

They love life and all its pleasures, including romance!




Lelahel is the Angel of

Leonardo da Vinci George Cadbury
Paloma Picasso P. W. Pillsbury
Claudia Cardinale Wilbur Wright
Jessica Lange Charlie Chaplin
Bessie Smith



For persons born April 15 to 20

Short and sweet . . .Venus is in charge!

LELAHEL governs love, art, science, fame, and fortune. LELAHEL will enlighten and improve anything: health, love, creation, material matters. His protégés are granted talent and can be very successful in arts and sciences. They will be able to invent, create, or discover. In any case, they can reach fame and fortune and can become famous through their work or their actions. But beware of illegal means or excessive ambition!

They are strong-willed, and LELAHEL will help them to be fair and accepting. Honorable and responsible, they can excel in many skills. They will be stable in situations of crisis of any kind, and vigorous.

Healthy and talented, they are also granted love! Kind, generous, and comforting, they can be greatly loved and be happy.




Achaiah is the Angel of

J. Robert Oppenheimer Jack Nicholson
William Shakespeare Shirley Temple
Charlotte Brontë Shirley MacLaine
Guglielmo Marconi Barbra Streisand
Emmanuel Kant Al Pacino
Ella Fitzgerald



For persons born April 21 to 25

ACHAIAH governs patience and the discovery of the secrets of nature.

His protégés are granted a sharp intelligence and a deep sense of comprehension. ACHAIAH wants them to have the desire to learn, to understand, to analyze, and this will lead to many discoveries. It is a work of patience, and ACHAIAH will help them to be patient.


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