Love Secrets of the Signs

Astro-Analyze Your Love Life!


By Stacey Wolf

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This guide takes your sign and matches it with every other sign to show you how to choose your perfect guy, find out the secrets of his heart, be the girl of his dreams and avoid messy situations.



Secrets of the Signs
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To Eddie,

my novio for teaching

me about love

Prelude to a Kiss:
How to use This Book

Everyone loves to be in love—whether you are looking for that perfect sweetheart, want to make the most of the guy you're with, or are pining away for your ex. Whatever stage you're at, here's all the astrological information you need to find success in love and still stay the great girl you are.

Searching for love can be really fun, but when you meet a guy, how are you supposed to know what's behind the pretty face? Yeah, you can always take a chance on him, but it's nice to know as much as possible before you dive in.

Love can be complicated. If you've been in love you know it can feel good and bad at the same time. When you first start dating it's terrific, but as time goes on obstacles appear out of nowhere. This guide shows you the best way to communicate with your sweetheart and how to make the right compromises so when you have those love woes you know what to do. We're not just talking general advice. This is totally specific to your sign, his sign, and the unique combination they make together.

When you're in a relationship, it's important that you balance your needs with that of your guy's—and it's even more important that you don't roll over like a doormat to keep him. If you have a great relationship, confirm it right here. But if you're feeling like something is just not working, don't wait it out. With Love Secrets of the Signs, you can spot the warning signals before they get out of hand and your self-esteem gets bulldozed.

This book takes my Secrets of the Signs one step further and flashes the astro-spotlight right on love and dating. If you have read that book, in addition to your Sun sign, you probably know the sign placements of the Moon, Mars, and Venus in your chart. That's great—then you can use these two books together. Here's how:

To pick the right guy in chapter I, read your Sun, Mars, and Venus signs. The Sun is who you are, Mars tells you what type of guy you like, and Venus tells you how to act when you are in love. You may find that you are sweetly sensitive, you like guys who are guy guys, and when you are in love you are a big risk taker. The signs probably conflict a bit, but that's what makes it fun.

If you already have a guy—or at least you like a guy—find out his birthday. Use Secrets of the Signs to look up his Moon, Mars, and Venus. When you read chapter 2, "Getting the Guy," find his Sun and Venus signs. The Sun gives you his overall personality; his Venus sign tells you what type of girl he likes and how he likes to be approached.

Compare his Moon, Mars, and Venus signs to yours. Read the descriptions in chapter 3, "Keeping the Guy," for each combination to get an idea of the positives and negatives for the two of you emotionally as well as at love and play.

It's nice to know his Moon and Mars signs for chapter 4, "Dumping the Guy." When you break it off, emotions, which are ruled by the Moon, and anger, ruled by Mars, both come into play. Read the descriptions for both and take note; you'll have a more complete idea of how he'll respond to you when you do the dirty deed.

Lastly, read your Moon and Mars descriptions in chapter 5, "Getting Over the Guy." Just narrow down the explanations to your emotional well-being when reading your Moon sign, and the best activities and interests that'll help you forget him when reviewing your Mars placement.

Whether you read Love Secrets of the Signs on its own or whether you use it in conjunction with the other book, you will find it full of great insights and information to guide you through the love process. It'll help you find a true soul mate, avoid messy situations, and make every relationship what it is meant to be. It'll also help you find out more about yourself and how you operate in love and life. And that means more power to you!

Choosing the Guy



The Ram is exciting and full of energy. You always have a lot going on in your life and have little tolerance for boredom—which brings us to guys. You are impulsive in love and life. When you set your sights on a guy, you go for it with gusto. You need someone who can stand up to your Aries energy, but who's also willing to play second fiddle (at least once in a while!). Since you're so busy, the last thing you need is an insecure guy who needs a lot of reassurance.

Do's and don'ts: Do use your charm and courage to your advantage. Interested in someone? Find out what he likes and approach him. Just stop long enough to ask yourself if he likes you back. Don't waste your boundless energy on the wrong guy.

You and an Aries Guy: Best short and sweet. You may be too much alike for forever, but it'll be a wild ride while it lasts.

You and a Taurus Guy: Too stubborn for you. There can be only one leader—and you're it! He'll bound away huffing and puffing.

You and a Gemini Guy: Best sign to flirt with! There aren't two signs more suited for fun. Just watch Gemini's fickle side—you could just be hitting your stride when he disappears out the door.

You and a Cancer Guy: No wimps need apply. You'd end up running all over this one. Aries just want to have fun—you have no time to fill his emotional needs!

You and a Leo Guy: Match made in heaven! Be loyal to your Lion and he will romance you with lavish gifts and lots of attention. Just don't try to dominate him too much or he'll let you know who rules!

You and a Virgo Guy: He's downright boring and way too critical! Skip the Virgo—the only thing he is good for is helping you with exams and papers.

You and a Libra Guy: Most popular couple. Watch for Libra's need to refine you, and don't try to throw off his delicate balance. Success in smaller doses.

You and a Scorpio Guy: Avoid him like the plague! You have too much in common—you both have explosive energy and you both like to be in charge. Better stay friends.

You and a Sagittarius Guy: Fast friends and sweethearts. You guys are on one big adventure, but you just can't slow down enough to focus on each other for long periods of time. You have a short attention span—the Sag's is shorter!

You and a Capricorn Guy: The worst possible match! Capricorns like to be very serious and sulky, while you make even the most dull task fun.

You and an Aquarius Guy: You bring out the best in each other: exploring, coming up with ways to change the world. He's all talk, you're all action—if you play along, you'll have a great time!

You and the Pisces Guy: Fun first date—then downhill quickly! A Pisces guy would love all your energy, but after a little while he'd feel chewed to pieces.


Romantically speaking, you are a sentimental and caring person, but might not be able to express that openly enough. You need someone who intuitively feels the comfort and safety you provide. Whoever thinks that just because you are nice you're a pushover is in for a big surprise. You also don't like to be challenged and can be obstinate at times. Avoid people who think they're automatically right.

Do's and don'ts: Do use your gentle earthy nature to get your guy's attention. Bulls have perseverance, and ultimately that can work to your advantage. Don't hold on too tight. Taureans can be possessive; too much of this is a turnoff.

You and an Aries Guy: You're friendly enough to take him in the beginning, but when your patience runs out, watch that all his energy doesn't Ram you in the butt on the way out the door.

You and a Taurus Guy: You two make loyal sweethearts. Sensitive and steadfast, once you get together, the only thing that can keep you apart is your super-stubborn nature.

You and a Gemini Guy: Forget the Gemini. He is too shallow and chatty for the Bull. Nice to talk to at a party, but he can't have a conversation without being distracted.

You and a Cancer Guy: Sentimental squared! This sensitive, intuitive guy is perfect for you. You both love staying close to home and paying a lot of attention to each other. Wow!

You and a Leo Guy: This is bad news. Leos like to be surrounded by friends and admirers. You'd never quite know who else is after him.

You and a Virgo Guy: Made for you. He loves to spend oodles of time with you, planning the perfect dates and buying the perfect gifts. Nice.

You and a Libra Guy: Two-minute love story. Venus gives you both an appreciation of beauty, but spend time with this guy and you'll soon find out that's it.

You and a Scorpio Guy: Might be better as friends. A great match if there is stuff in your charts to soften the brooding you're both so good at.

You and a Sagittarius Guy: He's the magically disappearing man! Just when you think you've got him—poof—gone! You'll never change him; don't even try.

You and a Capricorn Guy: It's the money, honey. Here's a guy who's serious about how he spends his time. The good news is that he likes you; the bad news is that he doesn't show it.

You and an Aquarius Guy: Too unemotional for you. This guy's too busy thinking about how to improve the world to take care of you. Buh-bye.

You and a Pisces Guy: Long-lasting love! Pisces guys are so sweet and sensitive; psychic and sentimental. Grounded Taurus girls bring out the best in them.


Geminis are the life of the party—smart, funny; outgoing. You love to do it all, so you have a tendency to do too many things at once—and that can diffuse your energy. You need a guy who is exciting enough to keep your attention, someone who will give you the freedom to be yourself and not be jealous when you are innocently chatting with others. Turnoffs in a guy: moody, sentimental, and possessive.

Do's and don'ts: You come across as fickle because your mind and heart are often at odds. Instead of acting on impulse, try to understand both your intellect and feelings. At the first sign of trouble, don't cut your relationship short. One problem doesn't mean it's over. Take some time before closing the door.

You and an Aries Guy: Wild and crazy partner in crime. You two have so much fun together, you never stop going and going!

You and a Taurus Guy: Obstinate, slow-moving, and possessive. Are there three traits that you hate more? Doubt it. The end.

You and a Gemini Guy: Best short and sweet. Gemini twins make great friends and sweethearts, but the huge fickleness factor would make it hard to keep this consistent.

You and a Cancer Guy: He's an emotional basket case. You like to keep things light and airy, but brooding is his middle name. When you need a good friend, call him.

You and a Leo Guy: Great date, great name-dropping. This guy is charming and popular, basically everything you want in a man. You just can't be wittier than him or he'll feel like you're stealing his thunder!

You and a Virgo Guy: He analyzes and criticizes. Virgos need to think a lot before taking action; he finds faults, too. Spontaneous Gemini can't handle it.

You and a Libra Guy: Ooh-la-la! This fellow air sign is the epitome of social grace. You couldn't ask for a more evenly matched partnership.

You and a Scorpio Guy: Run, run away, Gemini girl. This intense and secretive guy will try to own you. That's exactly what these creatures like to do.

You and a Sagittarius Guy: Best guy to flirt with. You'll have a great time, but flirting might be all you'll do. Geminis and Sags are two signs that get easily distracted.

You and a Capricorn Guy: Yuck! Traditionally serious, closed-minded, and tight-fisted. They have no fun, nothing to say, and don't want to spend all their money on you. Enough said.

You and an Aquarius Guy: Your love equal. You both are so up on everything: the latest technologies, politics, the economy. You'll always have stuff to talk about.

You and a Pisces Guy: Mamas' boys need not apply. Here is one compassionate and sensitive guy—but face it, you hate quiet, sensitive guys!


Cancers are emotional people, but they tend to feel things deeply and quietly. Because of that, you need a sensitive guy who can bring you out of your shell—gently. You are a complex creature. One day overwhelmed by problems, the next day you are reaching out to others who need a hand. You want a guy who understands and loves all the Crab's moods, good and bad—a romantic and sensitive soul who touches your heart.

Do's and don'ts: You are one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac—do use that to avoid the wrong guys. Just make sure your insecurities don't get the best of you or you might not let yourself go when the right guy comes along. When you are hurt by something, don't automatically shut out the outside world. Tell your sweetheart how you feel.

You and an Aries Guy: Beware of fire! This rambunctious Ram can bulldoze all over your deep, sensitive feelings.

You and a Taurus Guy: Your perfect guy. He's sensitive, earthy, caring, loyal. You can get moody once in a while and it won't even matter.

You and a Gemini Guy:


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