The Cheese Deck

50 Cards to Discover, Pair, and Enjoy the World's Best Cheeses


By Tristan Sicard

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The World of Cheese

Learn all about the must-know cheeses. Discover the secrets of pairing cheese, the art of building cheese platters and boards, the history and tradition behind cheeses of every style (fresh, pressed, blue, and more). This beautiful compendium of 50 illustrated cards will take your love of cheese to a whole new level.
This deck has been adapted from A Field Guide to Cheese (Artisan, 2021).

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Aug 23, 2022
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50 pages

Tristan Sicard

About the Author

Tristan Sicard is one of the leading cheese experts in France, a journalist, and the former owner of a fromagerie in Lille, France. After many years at the fromagerie, where he worked with cheese makers from all over the world—studying the manufacturing, tasting, origin of products, history, and regulations around the globe—Sicard decided to bring his training as a journalist to his passion for cheese in the hope of sharing his love and expertise with the public.

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