Protein Ninja

Power through Your Day with 100 Hearty Plant-Based Recipes that Pack a Protein Punch


By Terry Hope Romero

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I wanted protein recipes other than that mashing a vanilla-flavored powder with almond butter and flax seeds and calling it a day. I wanted something that really made me feel as if I was cooking. And yes, even good old-fashioned baking! Adding pure, unflavored, but wholesome plant-based protein powders to recipes brings out my inner foodie alchemist. I heard the call of the protein ninja.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or eat-everything-you-can-get-your-hands-on, a weeknight home chef, everyday athlete, or just a busy person looking wholesome, protein-rich snacks and meals, you deserve something better than another chia seed ball or protein shake for dinner. Award-winning vegan chef Terry Hope Romero leads the charge with 100 lean, mean recipes using a wide range of readily available ingredients — from supermarket-friendly staples to cutting-edge superfoods and an arsenal of gluten- and soy-free options. With an everything-you-need-to-know rundown on plant-based protein sources, and chapters like Stealthy Protein Pancakes, Waffles, Scrambles, & Much Much More, Super Toast: Savory or Sweet, and Better than Ever Burger Bowls, you’ll soon be sneaking plant-based protein into your breakfasts, dinners, and everything in between.

Dig into:
Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Bowl
Golden Corn Hemp Protein Waffles
Baked Veggie Pan Omelet
Edamame Spelt Flatbreads
Garam Masala Red Lentil Toast
Cheezy Herb Kale Scones
Green Goddess Burger & Roasted Potatoes Bowl
Tomato Gravy & Biscuit Kale Bowl
Korean Tofu Taco Salad
Lemongrass Tempeh Meatballs with Peanut Satay Sauce
Waffled Tofu, Waffles & Collards Bowl
Black Bean Hemp Brownies
Peanut Butter Coconut Cherry Chewies
. . . and many more!


  • Sand and Succotash, 3/23/16
    “If worrying about not getting enough protein in your diet is the only thing holding you back from becoming vegan, Protein Ninja dispels that worry and provides over 100 protein rich recipes for you to choose from…with gluten-free and soy-free options, too…A really great cookbook if you are wanting to increase your protein take.”

    InfoDad blog, 3/17/16
    “Less talky and less of an advocacy book than many aimed at vegans…Absent here are the cutesy titles to which some recipe books gravitate…This is a book that delivers to vegans just what its subtitle promises: ‘a protein punch.'”

    Library Journal, 3/15/16
    “[Romero] once again shows that protein comes in a variety of forms and can be seasoned any number of ways…Refreshingly, her recipes don't rely on standbys such as tofu and tempeh for every meal…The common ingredients used throughout (ginger, garlic, liquid smoke, etc.) are easy to find…With creative and satisfying recipes, including ones that are gluten free and nut free, Romero's latest is sure to be in demand for eaters of all types, especially those who avoid eating animal products.”
  • Washington Book Review, 3/2/16
    “This book is full of great recipes…Protein Ninja will not replace your old cookbook but it will complement all the cookbooks you may have in your kitchen. It not only provides about a hundred tasty, scrumptious recipes but also techniques to improve your cooking by using protein powder to cook what you already cook.”

    Curled Up with a Good Book, 3/8/16
    “If you are seriously into veganism, or want to really bounce around on a protein-induced muscle-building exercise high, this is the book for you. Veteran cookery writer Terry Hope Romero has come up with unusual new recipes to tickle your meatless fancy…With vivid color photos that make every dish look delectable, a handy, kitchen-y sort of size, and a complete food index, Protein Ninja is a must-have for soy-weary vegans, those who like their protein a goodly distance from the cow, and even those new to the whole vegan ethos.”

    Milwaukee Shepherd-Express, 3/15/16
    “[Romero] isn't a militant proselytizer but a vegan author-chef who seems perfectly satisfied if her omnivore readers simply add more plant-based items to their diet.”
  • Whisk and Quill, 3/24/16
    “Gives us recipes for every meal of the day. Gratefully they are quick and easy, as well as ethnically diverse. No bored palates. The collection offers plant-based protein dishes that are more sophisticated and creative. One might easily say, gourmet…Romero offers tons of advice on how to easily up your protein intake.”

    Soul Cycle, 4/14/16
    “An impressive collection of perhaps the best high-protein foods for meat-free eaters…Romero's recipes prove suitable for athletes and laymen alike.”

    T.O.F.U. Magazine, 4/13/16
    “This book isn't just for athletes…If you're looking for a boost of protein in your diet or meals, or don't know how to answer that question ‘But where do you get your protein?' this book is phenomenal…In addition to upping the protein game, the flavours are what you'd expect from Terry: bold, distinctive, a bit quirky, and addictive.”

    Portland Oregonian, 4/13/16
    “Features 100 plant-based recipes that are loaded with protein, and some of that coming from stealth protein powders, which Romero deploys ninja-style.”

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/21/16
    “[Romero] leads the charge with 100 lean, mean recipes using a wide range of readily available ingredients—from supermarket-friendly staples to cutting-edge superfoods.”
  • Praise for Protein Ninja

    VegNews, January/February 2016
    “We've all heard the dreaded ‘but where do you get your protein?' question, and thanks to Terry Hope Romero, we've now got answers, as the vegan icon's latest cookbook features 100 plant-protein-packed recipes perfect for everyone from professional athletes to people on the go.”

    Vegetarian Times, March 2016
    Protein Ninja deliciously explains how to sneak more protein into vegan recipes.”

    Metro, 2/29/16
    Protein Ninja proves sneaking protein into your meals isn't hard, it just takes a little creativity.”

    Lisa's Project Vegan, 2/17/16
    “[Romero] delivers new and clever ways to make sure we get enough protein…What a great book…The recipes are creative, flavorful and easy to follow…This is cookbook that should be on your kitchen bookshelf. It is fun, different and a great answer to the age old question, but how do you get your protein?”

    Powell's Books Blog, 2/29/16
    “[Romero's] vegan books have helped to bring about a new vegan renaissance…Protein Ninja addresses the concern many healthy food advocates have with a vegan diet—the lack of protein…I'm an omnivore and I'll happily cook from Protein Ninja.”

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Terry Hope Romero

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Terry Hope Romero is the author of several bestselling and award-winning cookbooks. Named Favorite Cookbook Author by VegNews, Terry lives, cooks, and eats in Queens, NYC.

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