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By Tahlie Purvis

Read by Ricco Fajardo

Read by Edna Gill

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Audiobook Download (Unabridged)

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Tyler Madden used to have everything. He was captain of the football team, popular, a high achiever set to have a successful career. But one secret made all that disappear. Now he’s reclusive, sarcastic, morbid and is stuck in one of the most dangerous jobs there is for an eighteen-year-old. He wants everything to go back to how it was. He wants to leave the hole he’s dug himself into. But things aren’t that easy. Now he has to fight for his freedom — and drag the girl he’s in love with into his, too.

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Feb 13, 2018

Tahlie Purvis

About the Author

Tahlie Purvis is an English major living in the heart of Canada. When’s she’s not battling mountains of snow and scorching heats, Tahlie is writing profusely, shopping to her hearts content, stocking up her bookshelf and being an all-round couch potato.

You can usually find her on Wattpad @TahliePurvis & Twitter @ellie_tahlie.

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