Incredible--and True!--Fishing Stories

Hilarious Feats of Bravery, Tales of Disaster and Revenge, Shocking Acts of Fish Aggression, Stories of Impossible Victories and Crushing Defeats


By Shaun Morey

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The daredevil who leaped from a helicopter onto the back of a marlin and rode it rodeo-style. A staggering 3,001 bass caught in a single short summer season on Long Island. A grueling 37-hour fight with  Pacific salmon. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

From crazy billfish quests to the scientist who hooked a grizzly, from "fish catches man" horror stories to those nutty catfish noodlers who grope into the murkiest holes bare-handed, her are fishing's most unpredictable and spectacular tales. Shaun Morey traveled the world—including Alaska, Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean—to interview anglers, boat captains, guides, and witnesses who can say: Yes, this really happened!

Includes illustrations, photos, and links to videos.

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May 6, 2014
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Shaun Morey

About the Author

Shaun Morey started fishing at the age of two. Today his passion for the sport is shared with his son, Connor, the catalyst for the author’s second book, Kid’s Incredible Fishing Stories. When he’s not casting jigs with his son, the author can be found exploring vast stretches of beach in Baja California with his famous crab-catching fishing dog, Panga.

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