Sunflower Cottage on Heart Lake

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By Sarah Robinson

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This third charming contemporary romance in the Heart Lake series will be perfect for readers of Sheila Roberts and Debbie Mason.

On the outside, Amanda Riverswood has it all: a fun career in interior design, a lakeside cottage in her Michigan hometown, and a close-knit group of friends. But she’s thirty-two-years old and—despite her seemingly outgoing persona—has never had a boyfriend. So this summer, Amanda decides she’s going to rip the Band-Aid off and go on a bunch of blind dates.

As one of professional baseball’s star pitchers, Dominic Gage was on top of the world—until a detached retina sent him into early retirement. Not long afterward, his wife walked out of their marriage. Now, at an all-time low, he’s learning to settle into his new life in the small town of Heart Lake. His plan for the summer is sitting on his dock reading, napping, and not talking to anyone, especially not the cute, exasperatingly chipper girl next door.

But when Dom accidentally damages her dock and offers to fix it, he gets into a habit of eavesdropping on her hilarious series of dates. As they begin to bond over late night laughter and conversations following Amanda’s failed dating attempts, it’s not long before there’s more than friendship between them. Could a casual fling between neighbors be what they both need to get over their issues or will it only risk their hearts?


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Dec 10, 2024
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320 pages

Sarah Robinson

About the Author

Bestselling author Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC, area and has both her bachelors and masters degrees in criminal and clinical psychology. She works as a counselor by day and romance novelist by night. She owns a small zoo of furry pets and is actively involved in volunteering in her community.

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