Once You're Mine

A Dark Stalker Romance


By Morgan Bridges

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Murder brought us together. Only death can keep us apart.

The Tormentor

Calista belongs to me… she just doesn’t know it.
The first time we met, I wanted her. The next time, I was obsessed.
I watched her. I followed her. It only deepened my need to possess her.
Once she's mine, I'm never letting her go.

The Target
Hayden Bennett is a monster, in and out of the courtroom. Unfortunately, I need his help.
What was supposed to be a simple transaction turns into something else. Something intense.
He’s always there when I need him, but I don't know if trusting him is a good idea…

Once You're Mine is Book 1 in the Possessing Her duology. It contains explicit sexual content and a morally gray hero that's over the top jealous/possessive, a stalker who falls first and harder and is willing to do whatever it takes to have her. A complete list of trigger warnings can be found on the author's website.


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Apr 30, 2024
Page Count
304 pages

Morgan Bridges

About the Author

Morgan Bridges is a dark romance author with a love of anti-heroes, beautifully written words, and bedroom scenes that are so hot she blushes. She lives with her family near Dallas, TX.

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