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Step up to the gates.

After years in the wilds, Lenk and his companions have come to the city that serves as the world’s beating heart.

The great charnel house where men die surer than any wilderness. They’ve come to claim payment for creatures slain, blood spilled at the behest of a powerful holy man.

And Lenk has come to lay down his sword for good.

But this is no place to escape demons.

What's Inside

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"Sam Sykes does blood and noise in the liveliest tradition of contemporary fantasy, with all the brash vigor of youth, and with a sly, penetrating sensitivity all his own. Not many writers can give you fireworks and subtlety at the same time like he can."
Scott Lynch on The Aeons' Gate series
"Monstrous, murderous, psychotic, deranged, possessed and insane - the only question is what our heroes hate more: the demons they're fighting or themselves."
Stephen Deas on Tome of the Undergates
"Tome of the Undergates is daring, blisteringly fast and full of a real vibrant energy."—SFBOOK.com on Tome of the Undergates
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