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No Stopping You!

How to Win the Game of Life

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May 7, 2019




Why do some people succeed tremendously, feel very good about themselves, and simply can’t wait for the next day?
While others have all the desire, smarts, talent and motivation to greatly succeed, but something’s missing…
To respected corporate leadership guru Dr. Roger Flax, the answer is simple: winning the game of life begins and ends with relationships.
NO STOPPING YOU! HOW TO WIN THE GAME OF LIFE gives you the playbook, along with actionable tools to determine what makes people tick and how to win them over; how to establish instant rapport, trust and credibility; and how to leverage those qualities into outstanding business and personal success, with strong and long-term “win-win” relationships.
Listening to NO STOPPING YOU! is like a one-on-one private session with the highly sought-after expert Dr. Flax, who covers how to:
-Effectively communicate with impact, power, clarity.
-Drive towards desired, mutually-beneficial outcomes and results.
-Persuade, influence, inspire, motivate, and develop all types of people.
-Read people quickly, and adapt your communication style effectively and appropriately,
-And make things happen.
Flax has lived this dream, winning the game many times over, and has shared his insights and strategies with thousands of people for five decades – in seminars, workshops, international presentations, motivational speeches, and through major media. Now it’s time for you to learn to apply these powerful, innovative insights and tools, firsthand.
This audiobook gives you actionable tools and techniques that you can apply immediately. It’s a hands-on, all-in-one playbook and toolbox that gives you strategies and game plans to accomplish your goals.
When you do, there’s no stopping you! And you’re well on the way to winning the challenging, and very exciting, game of life!

What's Inside

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"As remarkable as it is that one can successfully navigate the corporate world for decades while writing books, songs, and films, Roger has done all this and more. But to focus on his accomplishments misses Roger's true impact. Every project and each encounter with Roger is marked by kindness, compassion, and insight. His work leaves lasting impact and foster love and understanding. Those whose lives intersect with him are fortunate indeed."

— Carolyn Bivens

Former Associate Publisher, USA Today

First Women Golf Commissioner, LPGA

President/CEO, Initiative Media North America (Interpublic Group of Companies)

"Roger's excellent coaching and mentoring turned me into a 'rock star' in China, in my profession. Whether I give keynote speeches at international conferences, brief the leaders of Chinese or foreign public and private sectors on tough issues, do presentations to company management and take media interviews, my confidence, positive energy and clear messages always impress my target audience.  Roger helped me become who I am today. For those ambitious Asian professionals, no matter in public or private sectors, who eager to overcome the barriers of thinking process and communication style differences in order to effectively communicate with their target audience, Roger's audiobook is a MUST to listen."
--- Jack Chang

Vice Chairman, China Quality Brands Protection Commission (QBPC)

“Here is the incredible Flax at it again. An astonishingly creative and motivating coach and advisor. Once you’ve been ‘Flaxed’ you’ll have a coach and friend on your shoulder speaking to you for the rest of your life.”

—Roger Fine


“Roger is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional leadership trainers with whom I have ever worked.  Throughout his successful career, he has continued to be passionate about helping his clients to become better at their jobs both professionally and personally.”

— Gene McGrevin

"Over 35 years ago, I was first trained in "High Impact Presentations" from Roger while in the midst of a notable professional sports career. He helped me identify, assemble, organize and develop the essential components and techniques of compelling public speaking; since then I have been able to provide presentations with impact and relevance from foundational principles easily called upon.  For establishing this as part of my ongoing career, I owe Roger a huge debt of gratitude."
--- Dave Winfield
Advisor to Executive Director, Major League Baseball Players Association

"He is a true Renaissance man.  From writing and producing hit movies and songs to coaching and developing superstar C-suite executives to helping top Division 1 Athletes realize their dreams.  Roger has seen and done it all and can help you win in the game of life. "
 --- Brian Luedtke

"Roger is a "cradle to grave" relationship guy. He's been there at every stage of my growth---from when I taught for him at his tennis camp through my professional career, through good times and bad. He's always been such a positive influence on me, and taught me that anything in life is attainable if you go for it with honor, gusto and unbreakable tenacity.  With a lot of encouragement from Roger, I was able to scale heights in the Sports World that I never thought attainable.  He's a force of nature that has spanned generations with his positive approach to life."
--- Mark Holtzman
Former VP Marketing & Licensing, National Football League

"Dr. Flax has written a "must-read or listen" resource for anyone interested in advancing their career, their relationships and their life ...Read this book and learn from one of the best."
--- Dr. Michael R Tracey
Codman Specialty Surgical, Integra LifeSciences

"For the nearly 30 years that I have had the pleasure and great fortune of knowing Roger Flax, his deeply rooted passion for helping his clients and friends achieve their full potential at work and in their daily lives, has never wavered!  Roger has been a constant positive influence in my life, helping me improve as a professional and encouraging me to maintain a laser focus on the most important elements of my life."
--- Paul B. Héroux
Chief Bank Operations Officer
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

"Roger has an uncanny ability to connect with even the most skeptical individuals, whether it is in a group training program for managers or an individual executive coaching session.  His original content is always engaging, real world and immediately applicable in business and in life."
--- Steven Hirsch

"Roger just 'gets it' - He delivers what leaders need, but don't usually get. He can make anyone a compelling speaker and great communicator - I've witnessed it again and again.  He captures previously uncaptured perspective - sometimes to the leader, sometimes to the stakeholders around the leader, often about life, not just work".
--- Peter Stebbins
Fortune Top 80 Healthcare Company

"Roger is one of the most passionate, focused people I know.  And he is most passionate about coaching others to be better leaders and communicators.  He has trained many of our senior leaders and had an enormous impact on improving performance and therefore improving patient care in our community."
--- Alan Lieber
Overlook Medical Center; Vice President Atlantic Health System

"Roger's counsel, support, advice and philosophy has had a profound positive impact on generations of leaders".
--- Allan Weisberg
Fortune Top 80 Healthcare Company

"Roger is an unconventional coach who delves into the "whole" person.  He helps people see and realize things that might not be obvious without his unique guidance.  Most importantly Roger's secret sauce is his authentic, genuine style and how deeply he cares and understands people."
--- Renee Selman. CEO, RBS Ventures
Former President, Adheris (Inventiv); and Catalina Health Resource

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