When Gadgets Betray Us

The Dark Side of Our Infatuation With New Technologies


By Robert Vamosi

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Technology is evolving faster than we are. As our mobile phones, mp3 players, cars, and digital cameras become more and more complex, we understand less and less about how they actually work and what personal details these gadgets might reveal about us.

Robert Vamosi, an award-winning journalist and analyst who has been covering digital security issues for more than a decade, shows us the dark side of all that digital capability and convenience. Hotel-room TV remotes can be used to steal our account information and spy on what we’ve been watching, toll-booth transponders receive unencrypted EZ Pass or FasTrak info that can be stolen and cloned, and our cars monitor and store data about our driving habits that can be used in court against us.

When Gadgets Betray Us gives us a glimpse into the secret lives of our gadgets and helps us to better understand — and manage — these very real risks.
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Feb 5, 2013
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Robert Vamosi

About the Author

Robert Vamosi is a senior analyst with the Mocana Corporation, a device security start-up. He is also a contributing editor at PCWorld and a security blogger for Forbes.com. He lives in northern California.

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