Quitting (previously published as Mastering the Art of Quitting)

Why We Fear It -- and Why We Shouldn't -- in Life, Love, and Work

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Find out why the happiest, most successful people have the ability both to persist and to quit

Do you believe that “winners never quit and quitters never win”? Do you tend to hang in longer than you should, even when you’re unhappy? Our culture usually defines quitting as admitting defeat, but persistence isn’t always the answer: When a goal is no longer useful, we need to be able to quit to get the most out of life. In Quitting, bestselling author Peg Streep and psychotherapist Alan Bernstein reveal simple truths that apply to goal setting and achievement in all areas of life, including work, love, and relationships:

Without the ability to give up, most people will end up in a discouraging loop.
Quitting is a healthy, adaptive response when a goal can’t be reached.
Quitting permits growth and learning, as well as the ability to frame new goals.
Featuring compelling stories of people who successfully quit, along with helpful questionnaires and goal maps to guide you on the right path, Quitting will help you evaluate whether your goals are working for or against you, and whether you need to let go in order to start anew.

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