The Allure of the Multiverse

Extra Dimensions, Other Worlds, and Parallel Universes


By Paul Halpern

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“A rich and rewarding history of one of the most astounding ideas in physics and astronomy” (Marcia Bartusiak) – that the universe we know isn’t the only one  

Our books, our movies—our imaginations—are obsessed with extra dimensions, alternate timelines, and the sense that all we see might not be all there is. In short, we can’t stop thinking about the multiverse. As it turns out, physicists are similarly captivated.  
In The Allure of the Multiverse, physicist Paul Halpern tells the epic story of how science became besotted with the multiverse, and the controversies that ensued. The questions that brought scientists to this point are big and deep: Is reality such that anything can happen, must happen? How does quantum mechanics “choose” the outcomes of its apparently random processes? And why is the universe habitable? Each question quickly leads to the multiverse. Drawing on centuries of disputation and deep vision, from luminaries like Nietzsche, Einstein, and the creators of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Halpern reveals the multiplicity of multiverses that scientists have imagined to make sense of our reality. Whether we live in one of many different possible universes, or simply the only one there is, might never be certain. But Halpern shows one thing for sure: how stimulating it can be to try to find out. 

  • “A splendidly lucid narrative of a century’s developments in relativity, particle physics and cosmic speculation."
    Wall Street Journal
  • “A lively synthesis of millennia of scientific debate.”
    Scientific American
  • “Halpern is a lively, clear writer… this is a terrific guide to mind-bending physics.”
    New Scientist
  • “This expert untangling of complicated concepts will kindle curiosity and awe for quantum physics. An excellent recommendation for both science-fiction enthusiasts and readers of popular nonfiction.”
    Library Journal (Starred)
  • “A superb introduction to the concept of the multiverse… the curious will find much to ponder.”
    Publishers Weekly
  • “Illuminating discussions of a host of complex concepts… cutting-edge physics for the educated layperson.”
  • “The implications of quantum mechanics (a scientific theory that has passed every experimental test of it so far devised) are often bizarre — but none more so than its suggestion of a multiverse of parallel worlds. Once found only on the pages of philosophy journals and in the stories of science fiction magazines, the multiverse concept is now being taken seriously by no-nonsense physicists. In clear, accessible prose, Paul Halpern’s The Allure of the Multiverse explains how this evolution in our scientific understanding of reality has occurred.”
    Paul J. Nahin, University of New Hampshire, and author of Time Machine Tales
  • “A rich and rewarding history of one of the most astounding ideas in physics and astronomy: the multiverse. Don't believe that other universes might be residing right beside our own, hidden from view in other dimensions? Paul Halpern will convince you to take a second look.”
    Marcia Bartusiak, author of Black Hole
  • “As soon as you contemplate, ‘What if?’ you enter the multiverse. Paul Halpern’s The Allure of the Multiverse serves as a masterful guide. Whether you're a curious novice or a seasoned science enthusiast, this book offers a cogent exploration of the maddening infinities our minds can create.”
    Chris Ferrie, author of Where Did The Universe Come From? And Other Cosmic Questions
  • “The multiverse is a staple in today’s science fiction, but as Paul Halpern shows us, the idea of a multitude of universes has a rich history, with scientists and philosophers debating its merits for centuries. From Friedrich Nietzsche’s musings on ‘eternal return’ to Hugh Everett’s mind-bending interpretation of quantum mechanics, The Allure of the Multiverse blends history and physics while it both provokes and entertains.”
    Dan Falk, author of The Science of Shakespeare and In Search of Time
  • “In The Allure of the Multiverse, Paul Halpern takes a deep dive into the history, philosophy, and personalities behind this strangest of ideas. An informative and entertaining read, whichever corner of the multiverse you inhabit.”
    Will Kinney, author of An Infinity of Worlds
  • “Befitting a discussion about the Multiverse, Paul Halpern’s latest book contains multitudes. Covering topics from Quantum Mechanics to General Relativity, from the subatomic realm to the edge of the universe (and beyond!), this fascinating and engaging book will expand your mind into new dimensions.”
    James Kakalios, author of The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics
  • “Halpern is a lively, clear writer… this is a terrific guide to mind-bending physics.”
    The Michael Shermer Show

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Paul Halpern

About the Author

Paul Halpern is a professor of physics at Saint Joseph’s University and the author of eighteen popular science books, including Flashes of Creation, The Quantum Labyrinth, Einstein's Dice and Schrodinger's Cat, and Synchronicity. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

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