A Nature Lover's Sticker Book


Illustrated by Paola Deskins

By Workman Publishing

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A collection of 800+ beautifully illustrated stickers for every nature enthusiast.

Creatures of the forest and creatures of the sea. An artful meditation on the garden, a symphony of trees, colorful butterflies flitting among flowers, and a celebration of mushrooms. Filled with more than 800 lush and enchanting stickers, each lovingly hand-painted and beautifully detailed, from a single, charming hedgehog to a series of tiny, evocative landscapes, this collection is perfect for decorating a nature journal, an explorer's diary, or the pages of a favorite guidebook.


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May 14, 2024
Page Count
72 pages

Paola Deskins

About the Illustrator

Paola Deskins is an illustrator and artist who loves telling stories and sharing the way she sees the world through her art. She considers nature to be her greatest teacher and her paintbrush the tool through which she learns its lessons. When she's not painting, she is creating in other ways. She lives in Alabama with her husband and their beloved dog, Ulf.

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Workman Publishing

Workman Publishing

About the Author

Workman Publishing is a New York-based publisher of award-winning nonfiction for adults and children.

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