The Dream Symbols Card Deck

Decode Your Nightly Dreams


By Nicole Chilton

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Unlock the hidden mysteries of your mind and learn all about what your dreams are telling you with this specially curated dream interpretation deck.

The messages from your subconscious may seem obscure and in a secret code, but these 50 richly illustrated cards filled with information and prompts for reflection offer the key. What does it mean to dream about birds? Perhaps you feel it's time to spread your wings. What about that classic dream of running late? Ask yourself: What are you afraid of missing out on? Readers will learn to listen to what their subconscious mind is saying, and in doing so, understand themselves better.

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Jul 11, 2023
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Nicole Chilton

About the Author

Nicole Chilton is a multimedia abstract artist and writer who relies on the power of dreams to inspire creativity. She lives in Springfield, Missouri, where she teaches art journaling workshops. Her work has been featured at the Springfield Art Museum and The Creamery Arts Center, among others. Her husband and two children inspired her to begin illustrating her nightly dreams because they were tired of hearing about them.

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