Even though we know that babies and children learn primarily through their senses, American babies are still eating mushy food from a jar — at a time when their brains are growing exponentially and they are most open to trying new things. Smart Bites for Baby offers a better approach to cooking for babies and toddlers. Drawing on world cuisine, this cookbook includes 300 easy recipes made with nutrient-rich ingredients, such as fish, berries, and sesame. The meals emphasize color, texture, and flavor, and are proven to engage and stimulate the growing brain. Parents will also find more nutritious versions of the foods toddlers love, from mac n’ cheese to popsicles. Shino’s smart bites nourish the minds and bodies of our children.

What's Inside

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Parents.com, 8/21/12
“Mom Must Read.”

Bamboo Family Magazine, 11/1/12
“Mika Shino teaches us how to prepare foods for babies and toddlers that maximize absorption of nutrients and stimulate the senses.”

Mom.me, 11/8/12
“Not only do her recipes introduce foreign flavors to tiny tongues, but they also use nutritious ingredients important for brain function and overall growth. And hey, you might discover a new favorite food for yourself, too!”

Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, November 2012
“Parents looking to introduce their children to new foods that will stimulate their brain and make dinnertime fun will love this book.”
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