Hankie Couture

Handcrafted Fashions from Vintage Handkerchiefs (Featuring New Patterns!)


By Marsha Greenberg

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Unleash your imagination and transform colorful handkerchiefs into more one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles!

Hankie Couture
is back in this newly revised edition with even more stunning and original doll-sized fashions meticulously crafted from vintage handkerchiefs. With a gallery of 125 unique mix-and-match outfits and accessories, and accented with witty lifestyle advice from the Hankie Couture girl, this book showcases a limitless variety of doll-sized fashions for every occasion.

Complete with a how-to and materials guide, this book is the perfect companion for crafters looking to transform treasured heirlooms or colorful flea-market finds into one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles — whether an eye-catching color blocked dress, sophisticated great coat, or a go-everywhere purse and hat. With its beautiful design and unique, kitschy lifestyle advice, Hankie Couture makes a great gift for crafters, doll-enthusiasts, and vintage lovers alike.


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I am so thrilled and delighted to finally have been able to design more Hankie Couture fashions! Ever since I had the “divine inspiration” to create doll dresses from vintage handkerchiefs, my fire to create these dresses has not cooled one degree.

Over the years, as I learned more about designing dresses from these little squares of uniqueness, I have found new and exciting ways to create and construct fashionable doll clothing for my Hankie Couture Gals. As with any passion or profession, we learn from our mistakes enabling us to hone our craft and get better as time moves forward. I felt that time was ticking and I just somehow had to share my new ideas, styles, and experience.

In this refreshed edition, I have fashioned all new patterns! There are eight new styles, with three new dress designs that can be mixed-and-matched: the Big Collar Dress, the Color-Blocked Hankie Dress, and the Sweetheart Dress all have different skirt styles that can be paired with any of the three bodices. I have also designed a few wonderful accessories like the Scalloped-Edge Greatcoat, Embroidered Apron, Go-Everywhere Purse, Tote Bag, and the Wide Brim Hat. There are so many unique possibilities and outfit combinations for you to explore! Now a little more about each design.

First is the eye-catching Big Collar Dress, which features a fun big collar and two skirt options. One option allows for a fully gathered skirt that you can see here. The second option has two different skirt lengths and allows for more than half of the hankie to be used for cutting other pieces such as a matching bodice, purse, or hat. You can see an example here.

What I love about the Color-Blocked Dress are the endless possibilities that can be designed with five separate skirt panels! This pattern lends itself to utilizing a relatively small hankie by twinning new matching fabrics for the panels. Narrow ribbons or trim can be added to accent the panels, as well as lace or small beads or pearls. A good example of this is here, where you can see how the fuchsia ribbon separates and enhances each panel! Another example of this idea can be found here. I used the scalloped edge of a white vintage handkerchief and white pearls to accent the panels here!

I love the Sweetheart Dress’s two-panel skirt with the contrasting band at the bottom! It requires a bit more expertise, because there are many curves and tiny darts that must be manipulated precisely, but is worth the extra time and work. here, you can see an example of how this fun style can incorporate a variety of new fabrics that twin beautifully with the vintage handkerchief.

The Scalloped-Edge Greatcoat is an enjoyable puzzle to piece together and you can see one of my favorite patterns here. By combining contrasting fabrics against the scalloped edges, you can create a truly unique piece of fashion. My advice is to start by finding a beautiful scalloped-edge hankie and then have fun sewing this lovely coat!

The romantic Embroidered Apron is the perfect playful accessory that utilizes pretty embroidered scalloped vintage hankies, and can also be worn over any dress style! The example here shows how the apron can be constructed from a variety of embroidered pieces, such as tiny wine coasters, miniature embroidered tea towels, or even small scraps of hand-stitched linens.

The Go-Everywhere Purse was a blast to create because of how versatile it can be. Use whatever you have on hand, this purse can be made from felt, real or faux leather, or even suede. Plus, it is easy to embellish with beads, buttons, or small jewelry findings. One of my favorites is here.

This fashionable, customizable Tote Bag comes with two different handle lengths. This little tote, you can see an example here, takes up the smallest amount of fabric, so in most cases can be cut from the same hankie used to make any one of the three new dress patterns.

Last, but not the least in any way, is the Wide Brim Hat. This delicious hat can be designed from crochet hankies, small hankie remnants, or even contrasting new fabrics that twin with the vintage hankie. I’ve even included colorful tulle and roses in the past to further embellish this hat! You can find an example here. I went wild and designed a few different variations of this hat to inspire you even more to create your very own vintage heirloom treasure.

I had so much fun creating all of these new outfits and fashions for my Hankie Couture Fans! My new creations are more than just a dress and wherever possible, I’ve included matching purses, hats, and (of course) our girls must have matching necklaces, bracelets, and earrings!

I sincerely hope you find inspiration and joy in these ensembles, as they were a total joy to create! This has been a dream come true, and I have dedicated this book to you, my Hankie Couture Fans!

Thanks for entering the World of Hankie Couture! Enjoy your stay!

All my love,


These classy yet effortless dresses conjure up leisurely walks before brunch, evening strolls, or romantic sunset walks by the seashore. As always, our Hankie Couture ladies are dressed for any occasion and fully accessorized. They sport pearl necklaces, sparkly earrings, and when the sun is shining, a wide brim hat or if it is raining, an umbrella! I particularly loved creating the linen crochet parasol. Vintage hankies with crochet edges lend themselves to being gathered and “ruffled up”! Our girls look resplendent and ready for anything in fully gathered skirts, large glorious hats, and splendiferous tiny purses.

Hankie Couture women fill their leisure time with
pursuits, such as the care and conservation of natural resources.

Every Hankie Couture woman knows that the smallest
make the biggest difference.

Aspirations, hopes, and
are just a few things that drive a Hankie Couture lady to greatness!

Frivolous details and flexibility add excitement to the Hankie Couture

Hankie Couture girls love to
lightheartedly with friends and family!

feeds the mind, body, and soul.

In the world of Hankie Couture, artistic
rules the day!

Wearing new dresses gives Hankie Couture girls a fresh
on a new day!

What gives a Hankie Couture woman that “wow” factor? Her
for life!

Entries under F in the Hankie Couture dictionary:
Fantastic… Fervent… Finesse… Flair!

When you
your life for the better, you can change the world!

A beautiful Hankie Couture dress is the seed from which pure
is sown.

A Hankie Couture woman know that all friendships require careful maintenance. That’s why she’s
by so many!

“Good taste and propriety” is a fitting description for a Hankie Couture woman! Some of these dresses were created using crochet doilies with intricate details and form, while others were made with embroidered hankies. All Hankie Couture girls are quick to help facilitate festivities that bring people together, but never forget that they love to still glimmer and shine. This makes the apron dresses the perfect punctuation to a delightful outfit and one that was a joy to design. The crochet and embroidered aprons are the ultimate feminine regalia. Our ladies delight in serving refreshments and delectable comfort food wearing their “Hostess with the Mostess” welcoming apron.

What fuels a Hankie Couture woman’s boundless energy? Courage, persistence, and plenty of

The girls of Hankie Couture help create
as a gift to be brought home.

Hankie Couture girls understand the power of
especially when it comes to dressing for the occasion!

Hankie Couture women have the unquenchable thirst for the
They admit it—they like their stuff!!

Ah, the virtues of a Hankie Couture girl! She possesses an
spark and her style crackles with wit!

Hankie Couture women have a
sense of fun!

Hankie Couture women radiate a
inner light. They give themselves so that other may dream.


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Marsha Greenberg

About the Author

Marsha Greenberg began sewing her own fashions at the age of eleven. Her love of fabrics, colors, and patterns continued throughout the years, and in 1978 she founded a women’s sportswear company called Marsha, Inc. Later, she formed her own custom-design clothing business for private clients. In the summer of 2002, after discovering a treasure trove of vintage handkerchiefs in a Pennsylvania antiques shop, Marsha made her first Hankie Couture dress-and hasn’t stopped since. Her unique creations can be found on eBay and on her website, http://www.hankiecouture.com. Marsha lives in Encino, California.

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