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Hot Women's Erotica

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Mar 8, 2005

Page Count

208 Pages




What’s the one thing all women want in erotica? They want it hot — and that’s what this book delivers. This giant new collection features hot new erotic stories that will appeal to wanton women everywhere. In “Ten Minutes in the Eighties,” Alison Tyler delivers a scorching tale about an inexperienced college student who experiences her first orgasm — without ever being touched! In Cecilia Tan’s “Bodies of Water,” a sea crew rages wildly out of control when someone accidentally releases a virus that makes them sexually sensitive to water. And in “Needing a Push to Swing” by Maria Isabel Pita, a young slave woman is ordered to a swingers club by her master. . . but the erotic turn of events may surprise even her. Featuring 21 outrageous stories, for women, by women — this book is perfect for fueling a woman’s secret fantasies.

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