The Night School for Young Mystics

Five Fabulous Field Trips into Moonlight and Magic


By Maia Toll

Illustrated by Khoa Le

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The magic of the Night now made thrilling for a middle-grade mystic: Learn the basics about magic, divination, spells, rituals, and more in this enchanting and practical guidebook for middle grade mystics by award-winning author Maia Toll.

You, young Firefly, have been chosen to join into the Night School’s esteemed program for the study of mysticism. Your teacher, Bea Marlowe, will guide you as you embark on five eye-opening, educational, and enlightening field trips to better connect with the magic of your Night self. From astrology and divination to creating rituals and spellcasting, middle-grade readers interested in magic and mysticism will delve into the mystical depths of both the Universe and the You-niverse—the mysteries that exist outside oneself, and those they will discover in their very core.

A very practical guide set within a creative fantasy school setting, young witches will learn the basics of a magical existence tfrom the author of The Night School and the Wild Wisdom series, Maia Toll. Including illustrations by Khoa Le, sidebars, and a glossary of unfamiliar terms, The Night School for Young Mystics promises to be a fantastical guidebook and a captivating read for middle graders interested in the world of magic and mysticism.

  • “Intended for dreamers who look for magic in their everyday lives…. The tone of the text and explanatory material is unfailingly positive, respectful, benign, and reassuring. There are plenty of sidebars and intriguing illustrations; back matter includes handouts (directions for activities), a glossary, and lists of resources…many practitioners will know exactly who to recommend this to.”

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Aug 6, 2024
Page Count
120 pages
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Maia Toll

About the Author

Maia Toll is the author of Letting Magic InThe Night School, and the Wild Wisdom series, which includes The Illustrated Herbiary, The Illustrated Bestiary, The Illustrated Crystallary, and Maia Toll’s Wild Wisdom Companion. After earning degrees at the University of Michigan and New York University, Toll apprenticed with a traditional healer in Ireland, where she spent extensive time studying the growing cycles of plants, the alchemy of medicine making, and the psycho-spiritual aspects of healing. She is the co-owner of the retail store Herbiary, with locations in Asheville, NC, and Philadelphia, PA. You can find her online at 

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