A Child's Introduction to Ballet (Revised and Updated)

The Stories, Music, and Magic of Classical Dance


By Laura Lee

Illustrated by Meredith Hamilton

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This enchanting introduction to the wonderful world of ballet allows you to listen while you learn about the world’s greatest ballets, dancers, choreographers, and composers!
Experience the history of dance in a whole new way—by listening and learning at the same time. You'll meet the captivating characters that make up the ballet universe—from talented dancers such as Misty Copeland to legendary composers such as Tchaikovsky—and learn all about twenty-five timeless dances that have mesmerized the world over including Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Peter and the Wolf, Fancy Free, and more. The book includes access to a website where you can download the music from each ballet and bring these classic performances to life!
Full of fun facts throughout plus a removable poster of ballet positions you can learn yourself, this introduction will make you a dance expert in no time. So put on your leotard, tights, or tutu; strap on your ballet shoes; and pirouette your way into the enchanting realm of ballet!

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Mar 10, 2020
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96 pages

How to Listen, Download, Dance Along!

Throughout the pages of A Child’s Introduction to Ballet, readers will find notes directing you to music tracks you can enjoy while reading the book.  These tracks are on this webpage. To listen here, just click the button with the track’s number.  To download, navigate to the three dots on the player, click there for the prompt to download.  

These players work best with browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome.  Some older browsers do not play without downloading the file.