The Biden Malaise

How America Bounces Back from Joe Biden's Dismal Repeat of the Jimmy Carter Years


By Kimberley Strassel

Read by Stephanie Richardson

Read by Kimberley Strassel

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“In the style of a dogged prosecutor, Strassel builds a devastating case against Joe Biden’s record…THE BIDEN MALAISE is must-read ahead of 2024, as conservative voters prepare to make consequential choices.”―Guy Benson, Fox News &

The bestselling author of Resistance (At All Costs) and The Intimidation Game argues that Joe Biden, like Jimmy Carter before him, has mired the country in weakness, inflation and political unease. ​

Whether in politics or policy, the parallels between the Biden and Carter presidencies are now beyond striking. Two presidents—separated by nearly 50 years—beset by the same domestic and foreign policy morasses, politically swamped by a national ennui. However, THE BIDEN MALAISE will examine why such claims overlook important nuances that show President Biden’s blunders are ultimately far worse. 

Our current president inherited a better situation along with the lessons of what not to do from Carter's governance. Biden, captive to an ascendent progressive wing of his party, doubled down on Carter’s mistakes and created crises that were as avoidable as they are now severe. From soaring energy prices and inflation to humiliating foreign policy errors, the Biden administration's political mess is self-imposed. His political handling of these fiascoes—like Carter—has only made his situation worse. Democrats risk a public backlash of the sort that opened the way to the Reagan Revolution.

Award-winning and bestselling journalist Kim Strassel offers a formula for the GOP to capitalize from this mayhem; one that rekindles the bold and reformist approach of the 80s and 90s, an aspirational agenda that puts Americans back in control of their destiny on issues ranging from healthcare, to energy, to entitlements. THE BIDEN MALAISE is a penetrating look at our current political climate and a book that explains how the GOP can use this opportunity to elect a leader who can restore faith in American exceptionalism.

  • “In the style of a dogged prosecutor, Strassel builds a devastating case against Joe Biden’s record — comparing it, persuasively and unfavorably, to Jimmy Carter’s. But she’s also right that a ‘guilty’ political verdict may not be sufficient for Republicans to secure an achievable and clarifying electoral victory. THE BIDEN MALAISE is must-read ahead of 2024, as conservative voters prepare to make consequential choices.”
    Guy Benson, Fox News &
  • “With characteristic style and pacing Kim Strassel takes her readers back to the future by revisiting the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter and comparing it side by side with the first two-plus years of President Biden’s tenure… Rarely has such a deep dive into the history of four-plus decades ago mattered so much to the 20 months ahead of the American electorate.” 
    Hugh Hewitt, radio talk show host of Salem Radio Network and Washington Post contributing columnist
  • “The 1970s were a decade of opportunity foregone, and our own decade threatens to become the same. Kim Strassel not only shines a clear light on the record and lessons of the 1970s, but also offers the solutions that could enable us to avoid the tragedy of a repeat.”
    Amity Shlaes, Author, Great Society (HarperCollins)

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Jul 18, 2023
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Kimberley Strassel

About the Author

Kim Strassel is a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. She writes a weekly column, "Potomac Watch", which appears on Fridays.

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