True Stories People Never Thought They'd Dare to Share


Edited by Kevin Allison

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A “fascinating” (MetroSource) collection of uncensored, confessional, and at times outrageously funny essays about coming of age, coming out, and the wildest experiences that define us.

Collecting the most celebrated stories from the hit podcast RISK!, along with all-new true tales about explosive secrets and off-the-wall adventures, this book paints a spellbinding portrait of the transformational moments we experience in life but rarely talk about. No topics are off-limits in RISK!, no memories too revealing to share. From accidentally harboring a teen fugitive to being poisoned while tripping on LSD in the Mayan ruins, these stories transport readers into uncharted territory and show how your life can change when you take an extraordinary leap.

In these jaw-dropping stories, edited and introduced by RISK! host Kevin Allison, writers reveal how they pushed drugs for a Mexican cartel only to end up kidnapped and nearly killed, how they joined a terrifying male-empowerment cult and fought desperately for a way out, how they struggled with pregnancy complications and found a hero where they least expected it, and so much more. A lifelong construction worker shares the intimate details of transitioning to being a woman, a bestselling author discusses how he assumed the identity of his babysitter online in a social experiment gone awry, and a beloved comedian discusses how a blow job from a prostitute changed his life. By turns cautionary and inspiring, RISK! presents an extraordinary panorama of the breadth of human experience and a stunning tribute to the power of the truth to set us free.


  • Brit + Co, "12 Books You'll Want to Read on the Beach This Summer"
    Amazon, Best Books of the Month
    AOL.com, "14 Beach Reads"
    Kobo, Most Anticipated Nonfiction, Best Books of the Month
  • "RISK! will move you to live fiercely and share your wildest truths!"
    John Hodgman, actor, humorist, and New York Times bestselling author of Vacationland
  • "[A] fascinating book...Naughty, funny, and scary in ways that will make you think, feel, and maybe even want to share a story that you never thought you'd dare to."
  • "Electric, daring, bold, ribald, terrifying. And that's just the first five stories."
    Dan Kennedy, host of The Moth storytelling podcast
  • "RISK! gives a platform to stories rarely heard, to people rarely represented and their most insane experiences. This book pushes us to live lives that inspire stories like these, to take risks you wanna live through to tell the stories about."
    Ilana Glazer, co-creator and co-star of Broad City
  • "Powerful...The writers in RISK! are unafraid to bare their souls. These stories prove that when you take a chance--in storytelling and in life--anything can happen."
    Lisa Lampanelli, Comedian and playwright
  • "From out-there tales of cannabalism and almost murder (yes, really) to provocative stories of identity and gender, this collection will make you gasp out loud and perhaps inspire you to live a little larger."
    Mind Body Green, "The 5 Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down This July"
  • "If you love hearing about real life stories that range from embarrassing to heartwarming to sometimes shocking, you're going to love RISK!"
    Brit + Co
  • "RISK! uncovers life at its most hilarious and terrifying. Each story leads readers over a tripwire and leaves you thinking, 'Wow...'"
    Glynn Washington, host of WNYC's Snap Judgment
  • "Evoke[s] both laughter and sadness...These fascinating, affecting confessionals are sure to reach readers beyond the podcast's scope."
    Publishers Weekly

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