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The Forgiveness Formula

How to Let Go of Your Pain and Move On with Life

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Aug 24, 2004

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Whether it’s a parent or a lover, a friend or a stranger, we all have someone in our past who has done us real wrong. They may be long dead or very much alive, but until we learn to forgive them, the deep pain they caused can sit heavily on our hearts. In The Forgiveness Formula, author Kathleen Griffin offers a practical and innovative approach to confronting and letting go of the pain and anger caused by trauma and betrayal in our lives. Griffin walks readers step-by-step through her highly effective forgiveness process, helping them find the freedom to move on and answering all the questions they will struggle with along the way, including: How are we affected when we don’t forgive? Is everything forgivable? Is there a time when it’s too late to apologize? And perhaps most importantly, how do we forgive ourselves? Filled with down-to-earth wisdom, the author’s personal experience, and gentle encouragement, The Forgiveness Formula helps readers create a more fulfilling, liberated, and empowered way to live and shows them that their past does not have to define their future.

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