The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl

Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use


By Karen Burns

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A useful and fun book for any woman who has ever wanted, needed, lost, quit, hated, or loved a job. “Working Girl” (a.k.a. Karen Burns) has held a total of 59 jobs (so far), including housekeeper, cigarette girl, paper “boy”, model, ditch-digger, bank teller, editor, brochure writer, artist, and corporate drone. She made mistakes along the way, but extracted one important lesson from each job she has held. Working Girl now shares her hard-earned wisdom for the modern working woman with this series of 59 humorous yet practical vignettes, including guidance on:

Risk-taking and why it’s good
How to build self-confidence
Tips for managing your boss
When you’re not appreciated
Causes and cures for burnout
Balancing baby and boss
When it’s time to say adieuand 52 more!

Whimsically illustrated with Working Girl cartoons, this is a fun, accessible advice book that deals with the real issues that are on the minds of working women (and not just those who are striving for the corner office!). No matter where a girl finds herself on the job ladder (from the bottom to the top), she’ll find that The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl will give her both perspective and a plan for success.


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Karen Burns

About the Author

Karen Burns has held fifty-nine jobs over forty years in twenty-two cities and four countries, including being a writer, editor, illustrator, and marketer. She has adopted the persona of “Working Girl” — a sassier, bossier version of herself — to impart work wisdom on her popular blog while also running her own greeting card company that features her art ( She has legions of fans for both of these venues, and lives in Seattle, Washington.

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