Julia Rothman's Ocean Anatomy Activity Book

Match-Ups, Word Puzzles, Quizzes, Mazes, Projects, Secret Codes + Lots More


By Julia Rothman

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The bestselling author and illustrator of Ocean Anatomy presents a companion activity book with creativity and learning activities, including matching challenges, mazes, ID and drawing exercises, nature journaling, and observational challenges.

Kids aged 8 and up are invited to take a deep dive into the wonders of the ocean with Julia Rothman's Ocean Anatomy Activity Book. Based on Rothman's popular book Ocean Anatomy (with 102,000 copies in print), this interactive format features on-the-page word puzzles, mazes, drawing activities, craft projects, and much more. The book features Rothman's delightful illustrations throughout with activities such as identifying the parts of a crab, matching ocean creatures to their place in the tidal zones, helping the hermit crab through a maze to find his new home, and creating original sea shell shapes. From penguins and whales to barnacles and jellyfish, kids will love joining Rothman's colorful ocean exploration.


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Mar 19, 2024
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Julia Rothman

Julia Rothman

About the Author

Julia Rothman is a highly acclaimed contemporary illustrator and author of many best-selling books, including Nature Anatomy, Farm Anatomy, Ocean Anatomy, Food Anatomy, Nature Anatomy Notebook, and Wildlife Anatomy. Her illustrated column, Scratch, is featured in the Sunday New York Times. Clients for her illustrations and pattern designs include Target, the Washington Post, MTA Arts & Design, and more. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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