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Falling Upwards

Living the Dream, One Panic Attack at a Time

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Sep 5, 2023

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Acclaimed entrepreneur Jeremy Fall shares how to turn fresh ideas into an authentic career path, thrive without toxic masculinity, and improve mental health without shame

Jeremy Fall grew up blocks away from LA's infamous Skid Row with a single mom who managed a restaurant to make ends meet. At night, he’d go into the kitchen and prepare elaborate and comforting snacks—the only way he knew to calm his anxious, OCD mind. As an adult, Jeremy opened fourteen restaurants around the country, collaborated with Quincy Jones, made the “Forbes 30 Under 30” list in 2020, and became the first restaurateur to be represented by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Having built a business persona based on wild, borderless creativity, he feared that treating his mental health issues might come at the cost of his drive and creativity—but that didn’t happen.

Determined to destigmatize mental health for men, Falling Upwards blends Jeremy’s personal narrative with practical takeaways, outlining core paradigms like The Studio 54 Effect, Paperclipping, and The Power of Basic to help us harness our craziest and most out-there loose balloon ideas and make them work for us—without giving up on our own mental health.

“With inspiring openness and vulnerability, Jeremy shares his hard-earned wisdom of how to combat the established rules of masculinity, channel our anxiety into bold, new ideas, and grow as flawed, yet hopeful human beings. Falling Upwards is for any creative ready to heal.”
—Yung Pueblo, poet and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Lighter

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