How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000

Newly Minted 2nd Edition


By James McKenna

By Jeannine Glista

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The bestselling kids' guide to money: how to EARN it, SAVE it, and INVEST it.

From the creators of Biz Kid$ and Bill Nye the Science Guy comes a new edition with everything a kid needs to know to become a millionaire (or billionaire!) Learn the basics of earning, saving, spending, and investing money in this fun, easy to read, and informative book.

From creating a resume and starting your first job, to navigating the stock market and investing in Bitcoin, How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000 is essential reading for kids who want to feel financially empowered and learn good money-making decisions. With inspiration from self-made millionaires, stories of entrepreneurial kids, and templates to make your very own business plan, this book is bursting with everything a kid could need to turn $100 into so much more.

The key to making money is to start saving as soon as possible, and what better place to start than right here!


  • "As you follow their plan, your interest will grow—and so will your money. Meanwhile, excuse me; I’ve got to re-read a few sections.” 
    Bill Nye The Science Guy

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Apr 23, 2024
Page Count
160 pages

James McKenna

About the Author

James McKenna and Jeannine Glista are co-creators of the Emmy-winning, nationally syndicated television series Biz Kid$ and the national financial education initiative of the same name.

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