How to Love

Choosing Well at Every Stage of Life


By Gordon Livingston, MD

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Dr. Gordon Livingston’s books have resonated with readers as universally and deeply as earlier books by M. Scott Peck, Rollo May, and Erich Fromm. Now, Gordon Livingston–a physician of the human heart, a philosopher of human psychology–offers an urgently needed meditation on who best (and who best not) to love–and how best to love. Dr. Livingston’s primary focus in this new book is on helping us to recognize in ourselves and in others constellations of character traits and what those traits imply both with regard to compatibility and future conduct. As in his previous books, here are Dr. Livingston’s trademark gifts–an unerring sense of what is important, and what Elizabeth Edwards has characterized as “his unapologetic directness and his embracing compassion”–again deployed to provide readers everywhere with a much-needed alternative to the trial-and-error learning that makes wisdom such an expensive commodity.


  • Palm Beach Post, 12/9/10
    “A how-to on finding lasting love.”, 2/6/11
    “There’s a wealth of information not only about romance, but about many of the crucial decisions we make about our relationships.”, 2/10/11
    “Good-natured and homily-filled…Livingston does have some plainspoken, sensible ideas about love and relationships. The best part of his book is the middle, in which he enumerates the virtues of ‘People to Cherish’…Worthwhile for many readers.”, 2/14/11“Dr. Livingston masterfully explains the different types of character and personality traits. In addition, he shows us how to recognize some of the character traits that may be damaging to compatibility and long-lasting happiness…It is a book that must read by individuals who are just about to get married or looking for a new spouse after a painful divorce.”
    Tucson Citizen
    , 2/13/11
    “[Livingston’s] latest book reminds us that we’re defined by those with whom we spend the majority of our time. As basic as that seems, few of us fully comprehend the importance of how we should choose our partner.”Spirituality & Practice
    “Enlightening.”Internet Review of Books, 2/23/11

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Jan 11, 2011
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Gordon Livingston, MD

About the Author

Gordon Livingston, MD, a graduate of West Point and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who was awarded the Bronze Star for valor in Vietnam, was a psychiatrist and writer who contributed frequently to the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and Baltimore Sun. His books include Only Spring; Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart; And Never Stop Dancing; How to Love; and The Thing You Think You Cannot Do.

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