The Dream Book

Dream Spells, Nighttime Potions and Rituals, and Other Magical Sleep Formulas


By Gillian Kemp

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From the author of the popular Fortune-Telling Book comes a beautifully illustrated primer that opens the secret world of dreams and imparts her magic to dreamers everywhere. Full color.


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The five types of



There are five different types of dreams: ordinary, lucid, telepathic, premonitory, and nightmare. They often blend and merge with one another.


During the day our conscious minds are active, but at night the subconscious takes over. Ordinary dreams are based on the activity of the unconscious in response to what we have seen or heard in our waking hours. Even a single thought can trigger a dream. Automatic unconscious stores of knowledge that have made an impression remain filed in the brain and unperceived until "read" by dream symbols, which are "the language of the soul." Events of the day and from years past are mirrored in the sleeping mind, as seemingly long-forgotten memories can resurface in dream imagery. The soul is particularly susceptible to the bygone memories that are brought to light through pictures in the mind's eye. In addition to being clairvoyant, dreams are also clairaudient, as we hear souls speak in our mind's ears. Clairvoyance means "clear sight." It is the supernatural ability to see people and events far away in time or location. Clairaudience means clear hearing. It is the faculty to hear with the mind's ear. Words spoken to us in our dreams should be taken literally, because such spiritual communication can show us how we should be when awake. You can get the best out of your future by understanding what a dream is saying to you pictorially and verbally.


A lucid dream is one that you can control because you are aware that you are dreaming. You can also decide what to dream about before going to sleep and then dream about the very thing that you planned to.


Telepathy, known as "the language of the angels," allows the dead and the living to speak in dreamland. In this meeting place, death is no barrier, and the living cross the threshold into a heavenly sphere of existence. This mental communication can also occur mind-to-mind between two living people. We may send our own or receive others' intentional or unintentional thoughts as mental visions in dreams. Extended telepathy during sleep is a communion between two worlds, the night-time world of the soul and the daytime world of the body.


Premonitory dreams are similar to telepathic dreams in that your spirit leaves your body and ventures on a voyage of discovery. Premonitory dreams are special because they reveal the future and allow the dreamer to see truths that are not accessible in waking life. In telepathic dreams, we can also detect information about an imminent event. Dreams are the catalyst that put your body into motion to follow and fulfill your wishes and desires.


Most nightmares are linked to early childhood, when we are inexperienced and therefore dependent on others. Before the age of three, we have not yet developed a sense of conscience and of right and wrong. Night-mares are representations of a suppressed, original fear commonly created by excessively strict parental or sibling moral standards and the threat of punishment in the face of innocence In nightmares you may perceive a warning for yourself or for a loved one. To before-warned is to be forearmed: if you first see a frightful event in a dream, you can prevent harm from happening in waking life. For example, nightmares can warn against acting on impulse, as well as show that certain feelings and emotions are unhealthy. Not all nightmares are nasty predictions or unwholesome signs. A nightmare may also relate to an old, unsolved problem that is so frightening to face that we are unable to continue to dream and the emotional terror wakes us in distress without offering a solution.






It is that your wish will be granted if you count nine stars in the sky and make a wish. Count the same stars or another set of nine stars on eight more consecutive nights, after nine nights in total, your wish will begin to come true.



Recurring dreams release repressed emotions and focus our attention on unsolved problems. Their aim is to restore our personalities back to complete, undamaged health. Some past experiences show where a problem originated but appear only in fragments. If we are scared to face a problem, we wake in fright or forget the dream that we just had. The same or a similar dream then recurs, presenting new versions and exaggerations until the message is understood and the cause of the problem is dealt with. Each time the dream is repeated, subconscious memory and imagination about the future merge further, improving our thoughts and actions until they finally suggest a solution. Even though each of us is unique, many people share the same recurring dreams.


This is a common dream in which the dreamer is often rooted to the spot, unable to move. The dream is a sign of anxiety and lack of confidence. It may relate to childhood, when you lacked the physical power to run away from a frightening experience, or to infancy, when you lacked the ability to walk. To be able to run when pursued in a dream reveals your wish to be wooed and also prophesies your successful achievement of personal ambitions and long-held desires.


Nudity uncovers a desire to express yourself and to be less self-conscious and secretive. If in your dream you find yourself inhibited and fearing public disapproval, this points to your frustration and difficulty in being yourself. Perhaps in childhood you were punished for seeking attention, causing you to grow up self-conscious and lacking confidence.


To dream of being unprepared for an exam reveals a fear of failure in a current challenge. The subjects that you dream about may be questions on an exam in waking life.


To see yourself climbing a ladder, a hill, or any other object shows an ambitious desire to make it to the top and is an omen that you are on your way to achieving your lofty enterprise. You may need to push yourself onward and upward to reach your desire. You will succeed if you reach the top in the dream.

If is said that to turn your mattress on Sunday is a sign that you will lose your lover.


To dream of dining with a VIP denotes a subconscious urge to gain admittance to a higher society. It can also be a premonition that you will be mixing in elevated social circles.


Fear of failure is revealed by a dream of falling or being afraid of falling. You may be afraid of a moral decline or a lapse in ambition or business. You may be driving yourself too hard trying to reach a goal. It may also be a premonition that precedes an avoidable setback or loss. Expect good fortune if you fall in a dream without being hurt.


Flying represents a longing for freedom and a wish to escape constraints. It can also be a sign that you will transcend troubles and soar to great heights above and beyond the limits of your expectations, receiving praise along the way.


Dreaming of losing something indicates insecurity about the lost object. It may be a premonition, in which case the loss can be avoided with your diligent care.


When we dream of partaking in an activity with someone we know, that person is in the back of our minds, whether he or she is alive or dead.


To dream of someone who has died means that you had a real meeting with that person, and his or her spirit is alive and well. This person has had a loving influence on you in life and will keep giving you help by meeting you in your dreams.


We all encounter strangers in our dreams whom we neither know nor recognize. Whether the dreamer is male or female, an unknown woman or girl can represent our intuitions or a personification of the female personality. Men or boys in dreams, also irrespective of the gender of the dreamer, can reflect an inner masculine character. This is based on animus/anima (male/female), the principle that everyone has both a male and a female personality in his or her emotional makeup.



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Gillian Kemp

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Since the first publication of The Good Spell Book, a bestseller, Gillian has worked full time as an author, with a total of eleven books published wordwide. She continues to entertain as a clairvoyant medium at parties in top hotels and restaurants. She also gives one-to-one readings to individual clients.

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